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Arabic Online: Spring 2022

First Day of Classes: January 9, 2022

Arabic Online was built to provide an accessible way for students to learn the Arabic language via dynamic interactive lessons. The program brings live in-class instruction with some of the top Arabic teachers in the world. You will be able to study Arabic directly from the comfort of your home.

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Arabic Online | Spring 2022

Program Details

The 12 week fall program for beginners focuses on giving students the foundational requirements for successful progression through the language. Classes will be held five days a week for two hours and thirty minutes a day. The full time program gives students over 170 hours of in-class, live instruction with one of our world-class instructors. The beginner's intensive gives you the tools necessary to successfully and fruitfully journey through the Arabic language.

The Intermediate and Advanced classes build on a student’s past language skills to reinforce and solidify their Arabic proficiency using the various language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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Curriculum Details


This level concentrates on:

  • Learning the Arabic alphabet
  • Understanding the basics of listening, reading, and writing simple sentences
  • Learning basic vocabulary words and common phrases
  • Developing the ability to communicate common personal information such as introducing one’s self, family, and occupation.
  • Exposing the student to fundamental grammar rules through written texts


This level concentrates on:

  • Topics pertaining to daily life
  • Introducing one’s self, education, field of study, and languages spoken
  • Introducing one’s family, friends, and their occupation
  • Studying daily routines, time, types of fruits, vegetables, and how to prepare food
  • Being able to describe one’s home, life within it, and giving directions
  • Exposing the student to common grammar rules through written texts


This level concentrates on developing the skill to:

  • Describe one’s memories, daily life in detail and past events
  • Describe the places that surround those memories and events
  • Describe one’s travels and daily activities
  • Compare simple things and plan for them
  • Discuss topics related to weather, shopping, colors, and clothing
  • Discuss topics related to health and sickness
  • Read about the lives of scholars
  • Utilize the Arabic dictionary
  • Understand common grammar rules through written text


This level concentrates on:

  • Studying topics pertaining to scholarly figures, education systems, historic schools of knowledge, and psychology
  • Studying descriptions of historical places, ancient hospitals, special occasions, and parties
  • Developing comfort in narrating stories in past, present and future tenses
  • Studying Arabic grammar rules as they pertain to these topics


This level concentrates on:

  • Studying topics pertaining to Islamic and modern art
  • Studying selected topics in journalism, world news, and technology
  • Studying historical journeys such as the travels of Ibn Battuta and others
  • Being able to list, describe and compare between selected topics and ideas.
  • Studying Arabic grammar rules as they pertain to these studies


This level is split into two parts: ancient studies and journalism, issues, and literature.

The study of ancient studies concentrates on:

  • Studying ancient texts from well known scholars in the Islamic world such as Imam Al-Ghazali and Al- Nawawi, Al-Razi, Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Jama’ah, and others
  • Studying topics pertaining to society, tafsir, modern stories, education, and more

The study of journalism, contemporary issues, and literature concentrates on:

  • Studying some contemporary literature by well known authors
  • Literary analysis of stories and their significance
  • Studying journalism language in breaking news


This level is split into two parts: ancient studies and journalism, contemporary issues, and literature.

Ancient studies concentrates on:

  • Studying complicated ancient Islamic texts and analyzing them in depth
  • Selected readings the Tafsir of Al-Baydawi and Tafsir of Al-Razi
  • Selected readings from Fath- Al-Bari and Ihyaa Ulum Al-Deen

The study of journalism, issues, and literature concentrates on:

  • Studying some contemporary literature by well known authors
  • Literary Analysis of news stories and their significance
  • Delving deep into the studies of Arabic rhetoric


The Al-Mad­i­na Ara­bic Pro­gram is amaz­ing! I had the blessed oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the Al-Mad­i­na inten­sive Ara­bic pro­gram this sum­mer and it has def­i­nite­ly enhanced my Ara­bic. The teach­ers are very informed and make each class inter­est­ing by pro­vid­ing dif­fer­ent ways of learn­ing. They real­ly moti­vate you to grasp the lan­guage and they pro­vide cre­ative instruc­tion so each class is engag­ing. The Al-Mad­i­na Ara­bic Pro­gram has def­i­nite­ly exceed­ed my expec­ta­tions and I hope to con­tin­ue my Ara­bic stud­ies with this amaz­ing program!

- Pari Ansary

The Al Mad­i­na Ara­bic Online pro­gram is a great resource for those who are inspired in tak­ing a clas­si­cal approach to Ara­bic learn­ing . I enrolled in an online one on one pro­gram with Ustadh Abdul­lah just over a month ago and I have already felt tremen­dous improve­ment in my con­fi­dence in learn­ing and prac­tic­ing my Ara­bic . One thing I have learned through these class­es is that Ara­bic is a spo­ken lan­guage and it needs to remain the liv­ing lan­guage of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Being able to prac­tice it with a teacher in a con­ve­nient , flex­i­ble and friend­ly envi­ron­ment is tru­ly a bless­ing . I pray that I con­tin­ue to ben­e­fit and appre­ci­ate this bless­ing and hope the same for all those out there seek­ing to learn this most beau­ti­ful and fas­ci­nat­ing language 

- Muni­ra Abbasi

I have thor­ough­ly enjoyed and ben­e­fit­ed great­ly from Al Mad­i­na Institute’s Sum­mer Ara­bic Pro­gram. The instruc­tors in this pro­gram are deeply skilled in teach­ing Ara­bic and care tremen­dous­ly about our growth as stu­dents. Com­ple­ment­ing great teach­ers, the pro­gram also pro­vides excel­lent study mate­ri­als to facil­i­tate our learn­ing. I could not rec­om­mend this pro­gram enough!

-Waleed Awwan

There is a strong link between lan­guage and iden­ti­ty. Hence the jour­ney of learn­ing Ara­bic with Al-Mad­i­na Insti­tute became more than just learn­ing a lan­guage. Every day it is a means of form­ing a new per­son­al­i­ty, thought and under­stand­ing that adds fas­ci­na­tion to its gram­mar and vocab­u­lary, inter­est in gen­er­al con­vers­ing, and pre­dom­i­nant­ly in try­ing to under­stand the Quran, the lin­guis­tic mir­a­cle that unites all Mus­lims. I found Al-Madina’s cur­ricu­lum to be unique in its abil­i­ty to pro­ceed to dai­ly con­ver­sa­tions with­in a few weeks and under­stand pri­ma­ry texts. The instruc­tors eas­i­ly inte­grate with the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy in the newest teach­ing method­olo­gies to make lan­guage learn­ing eas­i­er, more acces­si­ble, and more enjoy­able to peo­ple worldwide.”