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26 October 2022

A State of Friendship - Hadith

The companion Abu'd-Darda' (R) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said to his companions, "Shall I tell you a degree better than prayer, fasting and charity (sadaqa)?" The companions replied "Yes." This is the Prophet's ﷺ response.

19 October 2022

Jumu'a Reflection: His Enriching Sufficiency ﷺ - Shaykh Riad Saloojee

When Rasulullah ﷺ was victorious in the battle of Hunayn, he set aside the spoils of war – valued today as tens of millions of dollars – hoping to return them to their owners. However, those who fought him remained defiant. In this month. of Rabi’ al-Awwal, I must ponder the value of Rasulullah ﷺ, Allah’s gift to existence.

27 September 2022

Rabiul Awwal - The Birth-month of the Beloved ﷺ

Rabiul Awwal is the birth-month of the Beloved ﷺ, who is not only described by Allah with the attributes of being rahim or merciful, and ra'uf or compassionate, but the very quintessence of merciful-love and kindness: rahmah.

21 September 2022

You Are Invited - Suhba Online Open House

Al-Madina will be having an online open house to share the details of its unique, upcoming program of sacred knowledge, practice and personal transformation — Suhba Online.

13 September 2022

Authority From Unfit Persons - Hadith

The companion Abu Huraira (R) narrated that while the Prophet ﷺ was speaking in a gathering, a Bedouin came and asked him, "When would the Hour (Doomsday) take place?" This is how the Prophet ﷺ responded.

8 September 2022

A Message from a Parent of an Al-Madina Student

"Every one of my four chil­dren has had a teacher that was pas­sion­ate, enthu­si­as­tic, engag­ing and encour­ag­ing with them every step of the way with instruc­tion and one on one inter­ac­tions."

25 August 2022

Announcing Arabic Program for Kids this Fall

Al-Madina has now opened registration for our Arabic Program for Kids this Fall. To learn more about program offerings, click here.

17 August 2022

10 Reasons Why I Should Enroll in Suhba Online

We share ten benefits of enrolling in this 8-month interactive Islamic curriculum of study, practice and fellowship.

11 August 2022

Join Suhba Online This Fall!

Announcing Suhba Online for Fall 2022. Suhba Online is an 8-month interactive Islamic curriculum of study, practice and fellowship based on the acclaimed Suhba Fellowship Program that was run in Istanbul, Turkey.

3 August 2022

Reconciliation Between People

What is better than extra fasting, prayer, and charity? Abu Darda (R) reports a saying of the Prophet ﷺ.

26 July 2022

Cultivating the Hereafter

What does it mean to be in this world as a traveler? Ibn Umar (R) reports a hadith said by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

19 July 2022

Brotherhood of Islam

"The Muslim is the brother of another Muslim," says the Messenger of Allah as narrated by Abu Huraira (R). In this hadith, the Prophet mentions not to envy, outbid, hate, turning away, and outselling from one another in regards to retaining the honor of another Muslim.