About That Annoying Neighbor

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Shaykh Mulla Ramadan al-Bouti tells a story of a terrible neighbor he had. The man was an alcoholic who partied all night and invited all sorts of trouble into the neighborhood.

Being sick of him, Shaykh Mulla gathered his friends at their local mosque to discuss how to rid themselves of the rowdy scoundrel, but they found no solution. To make matters worse, the neighbor found out what Shaykh Mulla was up to and went a bit crazy. He banged on the Bouti home door in a drunken storm, cursing them out and threatening to kill them.

If that wasn’t bad enough, one day, when Shaykh Mulla was leading prayers at the local mosque, the drunken neighbor gathered a bunch of rocks and started pelting all those praying inside! (Yes, this is a true story).

Realizing nothing he tried had worked, Mulla al-Bouti attempted something different. He started making long, sincere dua for his neighbor - every night before Fajr - praying that Allah straightens him out. A short while later, the late-night parties come to a stop, and things were eerily quiet.

One day, Shaykh Mulla enters the mosque to lead the prayers, and to his surprise, the drunken neighbor is there, but this time sober and not armed with rocks. He prays with the Shaykh and comes up to him afterward to kiss his hands, seeking forgiveness for all the craziness he put him through and truly repents to Allah.

The moral of the story: Let’s sincerely turn to Allah and take our problems to Him. There isn’t a problem He can’t solve.

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