Footsteps To Paradise

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We're living in difficult times. Our world is increasingly feeling like the descriptions of pre-Islamic Arabia. The trials of nationalism and tribalism, racism, loss of morals, the focus on worldly matters, money, power, a culture that caters to our most base desires seem as much a part of our day-to-day living now as it was 14 centuries ago. The core of these problems is spiritual and transcends time.

Many of us are walking around with tired hearts on the verge of collapse. The coming to this world of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ was a light to lift all sorrow, to cure all our spiritual ailments and return us to life, vitality, and happiness. In him lies our cure; in the path he left us; resides our salvation.

His ﷺ is the path of recognizing God's Oneness, good character, and mutual support inconstancy and in truth. He ﷺ invested time and effort into helping the early community of Muslims align their hearts with Allah and the divine reality. They focused first on transforming the self and then went on the shape the world around them. Our path forward is one that must focus on hearts. Hearts become alive, vibrant, and transformative of societies when nourished, loved, and fed by the light of Islam and the light of the Messenger ﷺ.

Al-Madina has and will always be, by the grace of Allah, about transforming lives, building families, and bringing the light of the Messenger ﷺ to the hearts.

We've launched our Footsteps To Paradise Zakat Fundraiser to help us in our mission. We need your help to fulfill this vision.We've invested in buildings and have built so many great institutions. Now it's time to invest in people. Please consider giving your Zakat donations to Al-Madina and help us realize this goal.

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