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20 January 2022

What Is Islam? A Response from the Prophet ﷺ

A man called out, “O Messenger of Allah, what is Islam?” How did the Prophet ﷺ respond? Read this narration from Abu Firas.

13 January 2022

A Special Message from Moutasem Atiya | Love & Service Campaign

Moutasem Atiya shares a special message on the journey of Al-Madina thus far. After many years of your support, Al-Madina is able to reach thousands of families worldwide and create programs and content for many more families online.

13 December 2021

5 Benefits of Giving Charity

What are 5 benefits of giving charity? We share a collection of hadith that answer that very question.

10 December 2021

4 Ways Muhammad ﷺ Gave Charity

The Prophet was known for his generosity. He continuously encouraged his followers to help others. Here are four ways he gave charity.

3 December 2021

The Word "Sadaqa" and it's Root Meaning | Jummah Reminder

The word sadaqa is from the root 's-d-q', the same root as sidq, or sincerity. Charity is also 'burhan.' A 'burhan' is a proof that rests on a 'dalil', or evidence. Shaykh Riad Saloojee elaborates further in this short Jummah reminder.

30 November 2021

Now introducing Sunday School!

We are excited to announce the Sunday School to our interactive Arabic Online program for Kids!

25 October 2021

Suhba Online Registration Is Open For A Limited Time!

Due to overwhelming demand, Suhba Online registration is open again for a limited time! Join today!

16 October 2021

“In Praise of the Messenger ﷺ” By Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

Shaykh Mokhtar shares an important message regarding this blessed month of Rabbi al ‘Awwal.

11 October 2021

Are Today's Muslims Chasing Spiritual Highs?

Is it necessary to attain a feeling of spiritual elation? Are people chasing after this feeling of chemicals in their brain? What really is spirituality and transformation? See our new episode with Dr. Ghilan and this week's content.

28 September 2021

"I'm So Excited About The Suhba Online Program" - Zain Bhikha (Renowned Artist)

South African singer-songwriter Zain Bhikha shares a message about his life changing experience with one of Al-Madina's programs.

27 September 2021

Is it Sunnah to go Vegan in Today's Time? See This Weeks Content

Based on today's practices in the animal agriculture industry, would Islam tell us to give up all animal products and go vegan? Read more about is and see this weeks content.

21 September 2021

Muslims and the Problem of Addiction

Our culture of shame and stigmatization of those struggling with problems we consider taboo is immensely harmful. To acknowledge a problem and recognize the human face dealing with it does not equate to its acceptance or normalization.