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14 February 2021

The Light Of Wudu

The word wudu has the meaning of beauty, light and cleanliness. When you perform wudu, the water washes away your sins. Wudu, prayer, gatherings of knowledge, certain adhkar and giving charity all wipe out different types of wrongdoings. We should thus try to perform different actions so that all our wrongdoings are wiped out.

13 February 2021

The Special Place

A young child learns to deal with being bullied by older classmates by allowing his mind to wander into a fantasy world. To cope with his trauma, he transports himself to “The Special Place” only to realize that his comfort is short-lived, and he must once again enter the harsh realities of the real world.

7 February 2021

Footsteps To Paradise

We're living in difficult times. Our world is increasingly feeling like the descriptions of pre-Islamic Arabia. The trials of nationalism and tribalism, racism, loss of morals, the focus on worldly matters, money, power, a culture that caters to our most base desires seem as much a part of our day-to-day living now as it was 14 centuries ago. The core of these problems is spiritual and transcends time.

5 February 2021

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