16 February 2021

About That Annoying Neighbor

Shaykh Mulla Ramadan al-Bouti tells a story of a terrible neighbor he had. The man was an alcoholic who partied all night and invited all sorts of trouble into the neighborhood...

15 February 2021

The Month Of Rajab

Anas (r.a) reported that the messenger ﷺ use to make this dua at the beginning of Rajab, “Oh Allah, bless Rajab for us and Shaaban and allow us to live during Ramadan.” (Imam Ahmad)

14 February 2021

The Light Of Wudu

The word wudu has the meaning of beauty, light and cleanliness. When you perform wudu, the water washes away your sins. Wudu, prayer, gatherings of knowledge, certain adhkar and giving charity all wipe out different types of wrongdoings. We should thus try to perform different actions so that all our wrongdoings are wiped out.