The Month Of Rajab

The Month Of Rajab
The Month Of Rajab


From the virtues of this month, it has seventeen names. The most famous of them:

1. Rajab, the month of Allah
2. Rajab (Mudar)
3. Al Mu’tahir (the cleanser)
4. Al Mu’ali (the elevator

It was called 'Rajab' because it was glorified by the people on the earth and the continuous glorification of the Angels by it. Its link is also to the Arab tribe Mudar which use to show reverence and glory in it.

The great saint Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani states;“Rajab is three letters, 'Ra', 'Jeem' and 'Ba'.

'Ra' is Rah’matullah (the mercy of Allah.)
'Jeem' is Ju’duAllah (the generosity of Allah.)
'Ba' is Bir’uAllah (kindess of Allah.)

Therefore there are three gifts from Allah to his servants who are adherent in this month. Which are:

1. Mercy without punishment
2. Generosity without greed
3. Kindness without alienation

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Seek much forgiveness from Allah in Rajab, because in every hour (of the month) Allah frees people from the Fire.” (al‐Daylami)

Anas (r.a) reported that the messenger ﷺ use to make this dua at the beginning of Rajab, “Oh Allah, bless Rajab for us and Shaaban and allow us to live during Ramadan.” (Imam Ahmad)

It is also reported that Ali Ibn Abi Talib use to maximise his worship, in four specific nights of the year, which are:

1. The first night of Rajab
2. The night of Eid ul-Fitr
3. The night of Eid Al-adhaar
4. The night of Mid- Shaaban

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