Amir Abdelzaher

After teaching in university, and with years of extensive experience in Islamic teaching, planning and organization, Ustadh Amir realized that clothing secular, status-quo educational paradigms with an ‘Islamic garb’ has failed us.

Spiritual upbringing, or tarbiya, is critical: “Acquiring knowledge,” he states, “Is essential, but insufficient.” He sees a teacher as a bridge that takes youth gradually and progressively to higher levels of spiritual understanding, maturity and practice.

For the past three years, he has been the principal of the Suhba Children’s School and oversaw the integration of a visionary Islamic paradigm of practical character-centric spirituality in the school’s ethos, curriculum and teaching. Ustadh Amir uses the theme of “Becoming a Real Superhero” to present the life-path of a believer.

Through many age-appropriate examples, stories, parables, metaphors, and audio recordings of real Muslim superheroes, youth will be guided to deeper spiritual maturity, thinking and practice. Ustadh Amir finds that youth thrive in interactive settings. He welcomes questions, discussions, and reflections, and will be asking his students to complete weekly “spiritual missions” to help them apply what they learn in their daily lives and become real superheroes.