Naeem Saloojee

Naeem’s lifelong pursuit of sacred knowledge and practice, his work with teens, and his diverse work experience allows him to bridge, project and translate the rich spiritual and rational legacy of Islamic teachings in ways that are practical and contextual for modern teens.

Before becoming the Director of Educational Programming for the Hearts in Resonance program, he worked in media, politics, business and management, and was most recently the CEO of a company in artificial intelligence.

He was instrumental in launching the Suhba Teen Co-op School in Istanbul and in developing its unique IQ/SQ (intelligence and spiritual quotient) Curriculum. The intent of the year-long curriculum is to provide Muslim teens with a clear rational and spiritual compass to negotiate the waters of an increasingly turbulent future.

His aim is to connect teens to the essential teachings of Islam’s traditional, spiritual, and rational legacy, and to use this legacy to critically examine the intellectual, ideological and emotional challenges that many of them will undoubtedly face. He uses a variety of resources – literature and poetry, critical book reviews, acclaimed documentaries, and classes in critical reasoning, among others – to build their spiritual and intellectual certainty that Islam is the only path to true freedom and happiness.