Ustadha Kamrun Nahar

Ustadha Kamrun was a top-student at a renowned Islamic seminary where she studied full-time for four years, has a degree in early childhood education, and has a long and rich experience teaching young hearts.

She has a natural skill of anchoring building-block concepts in Islamic education in ways that linger in the spiritual imaginations of her students and reflect in their words and deeds. She teaches children using age-appropriate pedagogical teaching methods, including encouragement and interactive discussions.

To further assist the child in consolidating concepts, she uses visual aids such as slides with pictures, props, virtual live illustrations, puppet shows, storytelling, Islamic nashids, dramatic play and visual games.

Children will be asked to do assignments which will involve verbal reflections, drawing, writing and craft activities. For the last three years, Ustadha Kamrun has taught the young children of Muslim families from around the world. There is not one single family who will not attest that Ustadha has turned the tables. Our children frequently inspire us with their knowledge, character and etiquette. They have, quite simply, become our teachers. And with Allah is all success.