Program Details

The program will run from July 3, 2022 - August 15, 2022.

Seminar cost: $149 USD.

What will this course cover?

The spiritual axioms of marriage; modern myths of marriage; marriage as “spiritual fellowship;” the effect of the spiritual subconscious on marital behaviour; root causes of marital disfunction; character re-formation; marital entropy; re-spiritualization of marriage; marital tension and discord; and the 10 spiritual laws of marriage.

How will the course be taught?

Live weekly lecture paired with an interactive, evaluative class; detailed course notes; weekly sharing of student reflections and an online student discussion circle.

There will also be guided sessions on spiritual techniques on positivity, gratitude and conflict management.

Who are the teachers?

Shaykh Riad Saloojee, Dr. Hooman Keshavarzi (Founder of the Khalil Centre), Dr. Zuleikha Jamal, Dr. Ali Hazratji, Counsellor Muallima Abeeda Peer, Dr. Amir Abdelzaher, Sidi Moutasem Atiya, Sidi Naeem Saloojee, Syeda Kamrun Nahar


Financial sponsorships are available for those unable to afford it. Sponsorship application, here: