The module subjects provide essential and relevant Islamic knowledge that addresses the needs of both the mind and the soul and provides the foundations necessary to a life of intellectual certitude, spiritual transformation and striving for nearness to the Divine.

Each module contains a summary of decades of study of countless classical and modern texts. The intent of Foundations is not to restrict the student to one text, but to acquire essential knowledge necessary for spiritual development and growth in a modern context.

Shaykh Mokhtar does not call towards, teach or emphasize a particular tariqa. He focuses on the principles and practices of the science of tazkiya that are taught by the traditional scholars and masters in the field.

A basic study of usul al-fiqh is necessary in modern times to regain an appreciation for our intellectual and spiritual scholarly heritage, acquire certainty in the rational foundations of our faith, and provide us with basic tools to understand a number of critical and misunderstood issues, such as bid‘a.

Foundations focuses on foundational areas of study that are either generally neglected or not taught within a holistic intellectual, spiritual and practical paradigm. The study of essential fiqh is readily accessible through a variety of different avenues.

Many of the inner dimensions of worship are addressed in the module of Tazkiya. Some supplemental resources are also available on the website.

Foundations does not teach fiqh. The usul al-fiqh module does not focus on the principles of any one school.

‘Aqida is not addressed as an independent, theoretical subject of study but many principles in ‘aqida are included in the modules through a pedagogy that emphasizes their practical and experiential application.

An intensive study of the Prophetic Biography in Mecca is essential to providing both the foundation necessary for spiritual growth as well as to understand the Medinan phase. We hope to add the study of the Medinan phase of the Prophetic Biography in the near future, Insha’Allah (God willing).

The devotional remembrances included in the curriculum are for those who wish to use them and are not following anything prescribed to them by their spiritual guides. Please consult your spiritual teacher if you wish to make any changes.

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Foundations will launch on Sunday, October 4th, 2020, with the first module on Tazkiyat al-Nafs.

Students will be required to commit to three hours of learning every week. Every module will be taught in the following format:

  1. Students will listen to either an hour or two-hour lecture of Shaykh Mokhtar every week.
  2. Students will attend a one-hour weekly Review, Practice and Fellowship class (on Sundays) with Shaykh Riad Saloojee. The class will explore the real-life, personal, gradual and progressive practice of what is learned.

Students will receive brief, weekly, practical advice and food for thought. They are also encouraged to attend Al-Madina Institute’s weekly Family and Community Dhikr Program as well as explore the Institute’s other programs.