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Family Program: Online

Hearts in Resonance

Hearts in Resonance is a community program that integrates sacred knowledge, practice, and fellowship into a core curriculum which is translated into four separate streams for adults, teens, youth and children. The family program brings people together each week from over 30 countries across the globe.

Family Program: Online | Fall 2020-2021


Program Details

This holistic but contextual pedagogy will allow every family member to learn, grow and transform together. It will also create a spiritual family synergy that will, with Allah’s grace, lead to hearts in resonance.

Through the program and monthly membership, individuals and families will get access to exclusive Al-Madina programming. To explore our pedagogy for eduction, download our PDF program guide here.

For the past three years, Al-Madina’s unique Suhba Program in Istanbul has been transforming individuals and families and bonding them in love to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.

The success of the program, alhamdulillah, has been through a curriculum that integrates essential sacred knowledge, practice and fellowship.

We now bring the Suhba Program to your entire family. Our weekly education component has specific classes for adults, teens (15-18), youth (10-14), and children (6-9). Nevertheless, from the benefits of joining our community is access to exclusive Al-Madina programming throughout the year.

Join our family online fellowship program, Hearts in Resonance. Welcome to the Al-Madina family.

Participants will be able to join weekly classes for each age group, breakout sessions, a weekly gathering of remembrance and a variety of additional programming and content throughout the year.

Curriculum Details

The Hearts in Resonance curriculum has three sub-curricula for teens, youth and children:

  1. A core knowledge component comprised of four modules
  2. A core practice component to apply what we are learning
  3. An experiential learning component to project the principles that we are learning onto our lives

Hearts in Resonance has a core knowledge curriculum that will be translated into four distinct streams, one for each member of your family: teens (15-18), youth (10-14), and children (6-9).

The knowledge curriculum has four modules:

a. A Healthy Heart

Islam wants me to be truly happy and free. Allah is the Source of all peace, joy and love. And only Allah is the Owner and Giver of all things.

How, then, do I connect with Allah? With my heart. My spiritual heart (qalb) is the core of my humanity. From it flows my rational balance, spiritual intelligence and individual will. Through my spiritual heart, I know, experience and seek Allah, the Infinite.

Caring for my spiritual heart deserves my greatest investment. I must free myself from attachments that are harmful and hurtful to find true happiness and freedom. I must learn and strive to purify my heart.

Join us as we discuss the incredible principles and practices of the Islamic science of purifying the heart, or Tazkiyat al-Nafs. We will study – among many topics – freedom and happiness, the nature of the human being, Allah’s Names and Attributes, the evils and virtues of the heart, the importance of good companions, the benefits of tests and trials, the inner dimensions of worship, and the various ways to cleanse, nourish and strengthen the spiritual heart.

b. A Sharp Mind

Islam wants me to think clearly, reason well, and make sound choices that will draw benefit to my life in this world and my Hereafter. Allah is the Knower of all, the Most Wise.

Where do I find this knowledge? We find this knowledge included in the fields of Usūl al-Fiqh (Legal Theory), al-Qawa‘id al-Fiqhiyya (Legal Maxims) and Maqasid al-Shari‘a (The Higher Objectives of the Law).

But can this knowledge be of benefit to non-scholars? Even children? Yes, it can be. A number of principles can be extracted from these sciences to enrich the way that we reason, and to help us at our own level – adults, teens, youth and children – make day-to-day decisions that optimize our welfare in this world and the Next.

Join us as we learn to appreciate the beauty and wonder of our Shari‘a, to see how it caters to every dimension of the human being, to understand that every law of Allah helps us be happy and free, and how we can use certain principles to think sharply and act smartly.

c. The Messenger ﷺ and Me

Do I love my Messenger ﷺ with all my heart? For he ﷺ is the Beloved of Allah, the best of His creation, His most perfect representative (khalifa), and my door to an experiential relationship with Him and to beautiful character.

Indeed, the value of my faith rests on my emotional and spiritual relationship with our Master Muhammad ﷺ. How do I develop this special relationship with him ﷺ? The first step is to learn about his specialness ﷺ – to learn about his reality ﷺ.

If I study the events of his biography (sira) through the lens of his specialness ﷺ, his biography ﷺ will come to life. My heart will begin to perceive his majesty and beauty ﷺ. And I will learn precious and personal lessons for how to live my own life.

Join us as we embark on a unique journey into the Prophetic Biography (sira) in which we hope – with Allah’s grace – to transform our relationship to the Messenger ﷺ through love, hope, and longing, and begin to walk to Allah following his footsteps and heart-steps ﷺ.

d. My Journey Through the Qur'an

Allah speaks to me through the Qur'an. It is His letter of love to me. The Qur'an is my light, companion, strength, cure and remedy for everything that affects me.

But is my relationship to the Qur'an like this – living, soothing, rich, and moist? And, if not, how can I unlock my heart to build an intimate and personal connection to Allah’s words?

I must first understand the depth of His words. Building a relationship with the Qur'an requires that I understand who Allah is, and feel how His words speak to my soul, address the greatest questions in my life, and provide me with constant guidance for my mind, heart and body.

Join us as we study a selection of ayat – which also means miracles – from the Qur'an, see their spiritual depth, beauty, wisdom and practicality, and see how the ayat can miraculosly change my relationship with myself and my Lord, and transform my character.

Translating knowledge for teens, youth and children

Our teachers are devoted, dynamic, capable, and experienced mentors, alhamdulillah.

Each teacher has specialized experience in addressing the needs of their audience and will translate the curriculum for their students in a way that is sensitive, relatable, contextual and creative.

Beneficial knowledge is knowledge that transforms the way we perceive, reason, feel and act. It leads to an experiential relationship with Allah and His Messenger ﷺ and refines our character and conduct.

For knowledge to be beneficial, it must be accompanied by practice. For this reason, Hearts in Resonance has a core practice component which will be taught gradually – according to the level and ability of each age bracket – over the course of the year.

The intent is for the family to strive and grow together, and to assist one another in transforming knowledge into action.

This will include the following:

  • Adhkar (remembrance of the Divine) after each prayer
  • Morning and evening adhkar
  • Selected adhkar for daily occasions
  • A selection of du‘a (supplications)
  • Virtues and practices for sacred occasions in the Islamic calendar year

The practice element will be taught through written and audio resources, teacher explanation and commentary, class repetition, and parental involvement, among other methods.

Schedule of the Knowledge and Practice Classes for Teens, Youth and Children

One weekly knowledge class (one hour), one interactive session (one hour) and a monthly schedule of mentoring meetings.

An essential dimension of Islamic education is to project the principles that are studied onto life itself.

The experiential learning curriculum is an attempt to do just this. Teachers proficient in their fields will demonstrate how the spiritual principles that we are learning are relevant and applicable to different aspects of our lives.

Contemplated topics include the following:

  • Taking notes
  • Goal-setting and time management
  • Critical reading
  • The art of the nashid (spiritual song)
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Basic first aid
  • Basic sewing
  • Basic baking
  • Spiritual social etiquettes
  • Home cleaning tips
  • Waste reduction and recycling

In addition, we will be launching a mini-series, How-to with Handyman Hendry, about a spiritual handyman who has a knack for fixing just about anything.

The Family Remembrance Program is a program for the entire family.

How frequently do you bond with your family by remembering Allah and His Messenger ﷺ in love and joy? For most of us, rarely, if ever. If we do not connect in meaningful ways, we will not forge meaningful connections.

Our weekly family remembrance is a golden opportunity to ignite our relationship with the Divine and to kindle deep ties with our loved ones. This is the stuff that real memories are made of.

The Family Remembrance Program is a one hour gathering where we recite some Qur'an, remember Allah and His Beloved ﷺ, listen to beautiful renderings of spiritual poems (with their translation and a brief commentary), learn core Islamic concepts essential for a family’s spiritual growth, and share our reflections and experiences.