Program Details

For the past three years, Al-Madina’s unique Suhba Program in Istanbul has been transforming individuals and families and bonding them in love to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.

The success of the program, alhamdulillah, has been through a curriculum that integrates essential sacred knowledge, practice and fellowship.

We now bring the Suhba Program to your entire family. Our weekly education component has specific classes for adults, teens (15-18), youth (10-14), and children (6-9). Nevertheless, from the benefits of joining our community is access to exclusive Al-Madina programming throughout the year.

Join our family online fellowship program, Hearts in Resonance. Welcome to the Al-Madina family.

Participants will be able to join weekly classes for each age group, breakout sessions, a weekly gathering of remembrance and a variety of additional programming and content throughout the year.