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Qur'an Classes

Join us on a journey of learning and discovery as we explore the beauty and wisdom of the Quran together.

Qur'an Classes

We provide a diverse range of Quran classes to meet various learning needs and preferences. Our classes ensure that there is a suitable option for everyone, offering a personalized learning experience for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels.

Our Courses

1. Nuraniyyah Qaida

    • Foundational Course for Beginners
    • Learn Arabic letter pronunciation with precision.
    • Ideal for those starting their journey into Quranic studies.

    2. Quran Recitation and Tajweed Rules

      • Perfect Your Pronunciation, Intonation, and Rhythm
      • Develop a deep understanding of Tajweed rules for accurate Quranic recitation.

      3. Memorization

        • Memorize the Quran with Confidence
        • Master the art of memorization through correct recitation techniques.
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        Why Choose Us?

        • 30-Minute Classes Short, focused lessons to accommodate busy schedules.
        • Available for Ages 6-Adult Tailored courses suitable for learners of all ages.
        • Private One-on-One Classes Enjoy personalized attention for a more effective learning experience.
        • Flexible Class Schedule We understand your commitments; our classes adapt to your timetable.

        Cost and Packages

        Choose a package that suits your learning needs:

        • 10 lessons - $160
        • 20 lessons - $290
        • 30 lessons - $399
        • 40 lessons - $499
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        Join Us Today!

        Unlock the treasures of the Quran by enrolling in our courses. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our diverse range of classes ensures a personalized learning experience.