Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari was blessed to have studied in the Middle East, spending her formative years in Damascus, Syria, where she was introduced to the foundations of traditional Islam and the etiquette of seeking knowledge. Upon her return, she enrolled in Georgia State University in Atlanta, where she focused on the humanities with an emphasis on history and Middle Eastern Studies. While pursuing her studies, Ustadha Zaynab was active in interfaith dialogue through the award-winning Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. In addition to her work in her local community, she spent many years in the pioneering field of online Islamic education as a consultant, writer, volunteer, and instructor.

A strong believer in women’s education and leadership training, Zaynab Ansari is a contributor to Shaykha Tamara Gray’s Ribaat curriculum, a four-year certificate program just for women. She was also honored to join the dynamic team at Jannah Institute under the leadership of Shaykha Haifaa Younis, where she contributes to the Year of Knowledge academic program.

Ustadha Zaynab currently serves as a full-time instructor at Tayseer Seminary and an adjunct instructor at Boston Islamic Seminary, where she teaches classes on Islamic law, Qur’an & Hadith studies, Prophetic biography, American Muslim history, and women in Islam.