Full Moon

They saw you and they fell in love
Their hearts a-flight, they soared above

I missed the chance to see your face
My soul, my heart, roams out-of-place

I lost you to the tides of time
I missed my chance to make you mine

Our distance breaks my heart in two
I plot a course – a course to you

I sail to you from a distant shore
The winds, they rage; the waters roar

The reefs of time halt every flow
The journey ends with time’s death blow

I send to you a dove in flight
Upon your heart, God’s peace alight,

You turn my way – and all things efface
The winds and waves – all bow in grace,

My name soars from your blessed lips
And in that kiss, all seas eclipse

In that kiss, may all things eclipse
Al-salām ‘alayka, Ya Rasūlullāh.