Responding to Islamophobia

Presidential candidates pander to xenophobic fears on the campaign trail. What truth, if any, is contained in these depictions of today's American Muslim? What message about ourselves is being transmitted? In Responding to Islamophobia, Dawud Walid turns his gaze to this barrage of media images and sees a message that sells our community short by damning them to the preconceived role of alienated terror threats. Surfing from one digital platform of communication to the next, our neighbors and ourselves build up a complex web of associations between characters in films, self-tarnishing real-life extremists, and dramatized presentations of wayward youth to show us the dark vision of our faith that rides the airwaves and inhabits the print media. This free teleconference, is sure to create controversy and debate at the same time that it calls for a more ethical attitude towards the prospect of our faith’s existential future.