Muizz Rafique

Born and raised in Southern California, Muizz Rafique is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and Georgetown University Law Center. He currently works as an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.


5 November 2018

The One With Two Coarse Cloths – The Martyr of Tabuk

It is not only the famous Companions who are gifted an elevated status. There were many hidden ones, some whose stories have come to us, and some, undoubtedly, whom we will never know. And, to this day there are people amongst us who are beloved to God but who live in obscurity.

9 August 2018

The Trials of the Best of Creation: A Lesson for His Ummah

While many still find strength in God during trials, the result of our individual and collective trauma is increasingly the opposite – distance from God and a loss of hope. Amidst so much pain, where do we find comfort?

3 January 2018

Hudūr: Increasing Presence in an Age of Distraction

With the new year, my resolution is simple — be present. Whether at work, with my spouse and kids, or most importantly, with God and His Messenger ﷺ, I intend to focus on being present. Here are a few ideas for the new year to increase our presence.

10 July 2017

Slipping Towards God: Reflections on Sin, Guilt, Shame & Repentance

A central, yet oft-neglected spiritual principle is that even in one’s mistakes, there is a path to divine compassion and providence. That late fajr prayer in a state of humility could be better than a lifetime of good deeds.

19 October 2016

Doubting Sanctity: Why Saints Matter in Islam

Why do saints matter? Because all human beings need to be reminded that in the midst of so much difficulty, temptation, and evil that the world presents, there will always be those individuals who realize the greatest human potential — to know God.