Samer Dajani


13 December 2017

The Secret of the Salat Ibrahimiyya

We say the Salat Ibrahimiyya every day in prayer, but do we know what immense blessings and mercy it contains for us, the Ummah of the Best of Creation ﷺ?

19 May 2017

Light Upon Light: A Journey Through the Qur'an Into the Reality of Salawat

Many explanations have been offered for the word ṣalāwāt, such as to exalt, to praise, to bestow mercy on, to bless, to forgive. Through an investigation of several verses of the Qurʾān, and drawing upon the ḥadīth and the insight of several great imams culled from an array of rare and precious sources, a clearer explanation is offered linking the word ṣalawāt to light.

1 December 2015

Shaykh Salih al-Ja'fari: The Symbol of Al-Azhar

In a time in which several movements arose in the Arab world to challenge traditional Sunni Islam, Shaykh Salih chose to give his life to teaching, and to live inside the walls of the very heart of Sunni Islam, giving his knowledge, wisdom, and counsel to those who came from near and far. We could say that his mission could be summed up in this: to equip the believers with beneficial knowledge that would guide them to the right course of action, and to fill their hearts with faith so that they had no space for - nor even desired - anything else.