Moments with the Messenger

Moments without shadow
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The books of Prophetic Biography recount the story of a woman who lost her father, husband, and son during the Battle of Uhud. Upon hearing this devastating news, her first response was to ask, “What happened to the Messenger of Allah?” When she was assured he was safe and well, just as she had hoped, she replied, “Show him to me so I can see him with my own eyes.” When they pointed him out, she gazed at him and said, “Every calamity after you is insignificant.”

This woman from the Ansar had just endured profound loss, yet she found solace in the well-being of the Messenger of Allah. Her heart was deeply attached to the Prophet, and he became the lens through which she processed her experiences. Through him, she found an anchor amidst her trials.

Though the Prophet is not physically among us today, we still have the opportunity to find healing and strength through him. Sending prayers and salutations upon him s, known as Salawat, opens a relationship with the Messenger s that profoundly connects us to him. It allows us to invite the Messenger into our lives, providing us with the guidance and comfort we need.

The text before you has been compiled to facilitate daily moments with the Messenger of Allah. It is meant to be read every day, inviting the presence of the Messenger into our lives, fostering a sense of companionship with him, and finding healing through the prayers upon him.

The formulas of Salawat [Prayers upon the Messenger] in this text have been carefully selected from various works of Shaykh Yusuf Nabhani and arranged for easy reading. If you have this work before you, commit to reading it daily to cultivate a meaningful relationship with the Messenger.

May Allah forgive our transgressions and make us among those who consistently send salutations upon the Messenger. Ameen.