Supplications for Tawaf

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The following supplications for Tawaf were compiled to aid those who visit Allah’s sacred house and seek His pleasure. This book of dua is divided into seven sections for each tawaf, featuring a variety of supplications to invoke Allah’s mercy and blessings.

The first Tawaf focuses on glorifying Allah, exalting Him as He rightfully deserves. In the second Tawaf, prayers are sent upon the Messenger Muhammad, as the prayer upon him opens the door of divine acceptance. The third Tawaf emphasizes our profound poverty and dependence on our Lord, seeking His forgiveness with a humble heart.

In the fourth Tawaf, the supplications are a testament to Allah’s grace, incorporating Quranic verses that guide us in seeking His favor. The fifth and sixth Tawafs continue this theme by drawing on the supplications taught by the Messenger of Allah. The seventh Tawaf is a devoted plea to Allah to accept our efforts and supplications.

Through these supplications, we can deepen our personal connection with Allah, expressing our devotion and seeking His boundless blessings. We pray that Allah accepts our journey to Him, Amin.