Ali’s Daily Routine

At Al-Madina, our instructors focus on teaching Arabic in the envelope of love and wonder. Our goals are to provide students with both a functional Arabic experience as well as a stepping stone to access more of the beauty of Islam – both spiritually and intellectually.

The curriculum at Al-Madina exposes children to functional Arabic as they spend the early lessons exploring topics related to family, daily routine, objects in the home and school, professional occupations, animals, weather and more. At the same time, the children are also encouraged to learn and memorize various brief ḥadīth and duʿāʾ related to beautiful moral character.

Meet Ali. Ali will take us on a journey through his daily schedule as a young student. He prepared this project at the end of his term in order to utilize the new vocabulary and sentence structures he learned throughout his time in the Arabic Online Kids program.

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