Ep.7 - The Environment is a Sign Informing Me About Allah

Given the mass destruction we are currently imposing on our environment fueled by a materialistic understanding of our world and a subsequent decay of moral character (akhlaaq), now more than ever, we need to stop, reflect, and change our ways.

In our times, most of our children, teens and adults are studying science through the very harmful and erroneous lens of materialism. This has caused the study of the environment and science in general to further people from the Divine and live in unbalanced ways; when indeed a proper study of the environment and science should do the exact opposite.

This series hopes to help Muslims of all ages realign their souls and minds to perceive the environment and science as they truly are. This re-alignment, by Allah’s grace will help us develop a more active reverence and love for the Maker and Sustainer of the environment as well as a commitment to His obedience through a balanced life leading to true happiness and noble freedom.

Concepts discussed in this series include: The reality of the environment, The root causes of environmental degradation, Principles I must know and live by in my interaction with the environment, Becoming a trustee of the environment, Science and materialism, Contingency and the Necessary Being, and more…


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