Hopeful Message From Gaza

In this short clip, Ustadh Moutasem Atiya and Shaykh Yasir Fahmy discuss a hopeful message from a young boy in Gaza, heard worldwide.

In the heart of Gaza's turmoil, a beacon of unwavering faith shines through the resilience of its children. "Gaza's Children: Strength in Devastation" presents a poignant narrative of young souls embodying spiritual guidance amid chaos. Witness a young boy's encounter with what he believes to be an angel in the rubble, a testament to the extraordinary resolve and reverence towards Allah ﷻ that defines the Palestinian spirit.

This video delves into the lives touched by tragedy, yet unshaken in their trust in the Divine. It explores profound Hadith, practical advice, and communal supplication, offering an intimate glimpse into a community's strength and unwavering faith through the lens of Islamic teachings.