United by Faith: A Journey in Allah's Love

Embark on a heartfelt journey of unity and devotion in "United by Faith: A Journey in Allah's Love 🤲," where 140 members of the Al-Madina family in the DC area traveled to meet with Sheikh Yahya Rhodus and the AlMaqasid community. This video encapsulates the essence of a profound Hadith, illuminating the power of spiritual kinship and the pursuit of Allah's ﷻ shade on the Day of Judgement solely through love for Him.

Witness how love for Allah ﷻ and His messenger, Muhammad ﷺ, brings together communities, fostering bonds among children, women, and men across states. Our narrative delves into practical advice on maintaining spiritual growth, reverence towards Allah ﷻ, and how communal supplication can resonate in the heavens, echoing our collective plea for peace and justice.

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