12 April 2021

Announcing Al-Madina Live™ Ramadan Programming

Watch daily live content via our Ramadan program that connects us to renowned scholars, teachers, and dynamic community members from the east and west. We are also sharing a kid's Ramadan activity book, a Ramadan Recipes E-Cookbook, and much more.

7 February 2021

Footsteps To Paradise

We're living in difficult times. Our world is increasingly feeling like the descriptions of pre-Islamic Arabia. The trials of nationalism and tribalism, racism, loss of morals, the focus on worldly matters, money, power, a culture that caters to our most base desires seem as much a part of our day-to-day living now as it was 14 centuries ago. The core of these problems is spiritual and transcends time.

5 February 2021

Al-Madina NEWS

The Al-Madina NEWS channel is where we share immediate media releases (ImanWire Podcasts, films, videos, articles, books, etc.), live streams, Al-Madina program updates, and exciting content with you; right from our new website.