18 February 2021

The American Master

SHORT FILM: The story of Mohamed Zakariya, an American master in Arabic calligraphy whose mastery is not only defined by his art, but his humility under his teacher Hasan Çelebi.

13 February 2021

The Special Place

A young child learns to deal with being bullied by older classmates by allowing his mind to wander into a fantasy world. To cope with his trauma, he transports himself to “The Special Place” only to realize that his comfort is short-lived, and he must once again enter the harsh realities of the real world.

5 February 2021

Al-Madina NEWS

The Al-Madina NEWS channel is where we share immediate media releases (ImanWire Podcasts, films, videos, articles, books, etc.), live streams, Al-Madina program updates, and exciting content with you; right from our new website.