Iyad Ammar

Iyad Ammar was born in 1980 in Damascus, Syria, where he spent his youth around its various mosques. He memorised the Holy Quran and studied under a number of Damascene scholars, most notably Shaykh Muhammad Hisham al-Burhani, Dr. Mazin al-Mubarak, Shaykh Usama al-Rifa’i, Shaykh Na’im al-‘Arqasusi, and Shaykh Ibrahim al-Zabiq/Zubayq, among others. He graduated from the University of Damascus from the faculty of arts in the department of Arabic language. He went on to complete his Masters in Islamic Studies at Sabah al-Din al-Za’im University in Istanbul, where he continues his studies in the university’s PhD program. Shaykh Iyad resides in Istanbul and has been teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at the Waqf ‘Aziz Mahmud Huda’i since 2012. He joined the Al-Madina program in the fall of 2017.


11 November 2018

The Most Famous Poem Ever Written: Examining the Burda of Imam al-Busiri

The Burdah of al-Busiri is from among the most famous poems composed in honor of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ. In this introduction to a new series of commentaries on the Burda, Iyad Ammar sheds light on the life of Imam al-Busiri.