Muhammad Noor


2 March 2023

5 Practical Steps To Get You Ready for Ramadan

As Ramadan is less than a month away, we might feel we often haven't done enough to prepare for it. Here are 5 things we can do right now during Shaban to make sure that we get the most out of Ramadan. The Prophet (Peace & Blessings upon Him & His Family) supplicated,” O Allah give us the blessings of Shaban and give us the treasure of Ramadan.”

1 May 2020

The Epidemic of Fear and the Antidote of Hope

Individually, the consequence of our fears is a more fragile mind and spiritual state, wrecked with the havoc of worries on the next paycheck, the next trip to the grocery store, and the next step to resolve this global crisis.

18 November 2019

Taking the Prophet as Your Spiritual Guide: Celebrating and Passing into the Prophetic Reality

Indifference to the celebration of the Prophet ﷺ denies the community the opportunity to unite upon his character and spirituality, in the face of so much pressure to move away from him. What are the tried and true methods to bring the Prophet ﷺ into our daily lives?

21 March 2019

Living and Dying on a Prayer: How Jumu’ah Orients Us to the Next Life

In the wake of last Friday’s tragedy in New Zealand, we may find ourselves consumed by the images and the reporting, which then gives way to fears of future copycat attacks or reprisals. It is in such moments that each of us should look deeply at the significance of Jumu'ah and our central rites and traditions, as a way to connect us to the enduring reality of God.

1 October 2017

Zaynab: The Tree That Rose

Zaynab the daughter of Fatiimah, shines out as a paragon of speaking truth to power in the aftermath of the tragic events of Karbala. Our Prophet and her grandfather advised us that the best form of struggle was "a word of truth in front of a tyrannical ruler".

30 November 2016

Footprints: How Mentoring Shapes Knowledge

Few seek, and yet fewer find a mentor that through mastery and gentle patience can take them by the hand and assist them in not only in finding faith, but finding themselves.

5 November 2016

Make Someday Today: The Cubs, Baseball, and Your Spiritual Path

More than any other sport in the American consciousness baseball holds arguably the most symbolism to life and spirituality. A long-suffering Cubs fan reflects on the lessons Muslims can take from the historic World Series win of the Chicago Cubs after a drought of 108 years.

28 September 2016

Rights over Rites: Hypocrisy at Hajj

Muslims in the U.S that either stand actively or passively for furthering equality and eliminating the income and wealth gap at home cannot simply ignore their responsibility to question the machine that allows them to perform sacred rites at the cost of human rights.

8 March 2016

HISLAM: The Last Faith of Man

What would happen if American Islam and mosques devalued male participation and started to see a decline in male attendance as in other faith traditions? Would mosques dare become more civil and organized without board tantrums, would we only hear of love and mercy? Or would we see the emasculation of Muslim men and more harrowing realities? Solutions lie in valuing the contribution of Muslim men, asking them to step up and lead change emanating authentically from within the tradition, and be chivalrous enough to step aside and open doors for women so they can enjoy the same privilege, obligation, and pain we as men feel at Jummah and in board meetings.

15 December 2015

When Conspiracy Is Our Mentality: How Do We Gain Trust, When We Distrust?

The only way to reconstitute a faith that long ago succumbed to suspicion over erudition, replacing its theological proofs for idealized ideological truths, is by confronting theories and absurdities head on.

20 August 2015

Souled Out: ISIS, Slavery, & Your Personal Faith

While the Muslim world overwhelmingly rejects the actions of ISIS, the group claims their actions as valid interpretations of the sacred law. If such interpretations are drawn from traditional legal manuals, are the rebuttals to the claims of ISIS just apologetics from critics derided as “sell-outs”? Or does ISIS and their ilk simply represent a mirror image of the soulless faith that dominates today, “souled out” actors that erect an ego-driven faith of grotesque gratifications?

29 October 2014

Youth Gone Wrong: Addressing the Homegrown Lone Wolf

In light of recent events involving homegrown youth, we need to ask ourselves, "Why?" You may not be able to change global politics, but you may be able to change a young man or woman’s mind. We have the ability within ourselves to change the outcome.

25 August 2014

The Clear Bright Path: The Prophetic Path To Presence

At the root of our decisions that propel us to action, or stagnate in our procrastination, is the purity of our intention. When we are spiritually mature are intentions become habitually pure.

31 July 2014

Selected Commentary of the Qasidah Burdah

Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy

2 June 2014

Culture Clash: Between Superiority & Diversity

Not unlike our current discourse amongst indigenous and immigrant communities, stereotypes and mistrust in Muslim Spain a millennia ago eroded religious camaraderie.

7 April 2014

Taking Off Your Shoes: Approaching God

We all take off our shoes. Why? And is it possible that by giving import to this seemingly mundane act we can be better at imbibing meaning to each act of prayer and possibly life?

19 February 2014

From Shackles to Riches: Our American Muslim Tale

Forty-five years a slave before regaining his freedom, Mahmoud Yaro’s life and character should inspire the roots of our collective community, reflecting the complexity of the struggles and triumphs of Muslims living in America, and bridging the immigrant and indigenous local identities.

17 February 2014

Knowledge in Bondage: Slavery & The Value of Texts

All over the Americas, Muslim Africans wrote the Qur'an and other sacred texts from memory, distributed selections to the faithful, converted others, and established networks. What is pertinent to us as we contemplate our own legacy as American Muslims is what will remain of our contributions and faith when we have abandoned the curriculum of textual learning and continue to create socially fragmented institutions?

6 February 2014

Love, Inshallah Or Lust, Astaghfirullah? Muslim Men Speak

The conversations stirred by recent literature, like Salaam, Love, only mimic what has been whispered in our homes and houses of worship for decades: Muslim American culture is shifting. These tell-all intimate portraits, exorcizing communal guilt and shame, may serve to "humanize” Muslims and allow for a broader conversation on Muslim identity.

27 January 2014

Creating A Plan: Fighting Stagnation

All unhappiness and stagnation result from a feeling that you are at the mercy of the world and the people in it. But what a joy it is, what a major shift to strength and power, when you recognize you are at the mercy of God and his Strength & Power.

26 December 2013

Check The Label

Labeling can have negative impact on how individuals see each other and themselves, hampering bonds. Stigma is a powerfully negative label that changes a person's self-concept and social identity. Often those in a perceived majority or norm seek to alienate any perceived variance via the vehicle of labelling. Imam Shatibi, the great jurist and legal theorist, spoke of this as a “disease of sectarianism and labeling ”...

12 November 2013

Love Is A Choice

In a world where neglect or mock grief masquerade as following the example of the best of creation, peace & blessings upon him & his family, we are often remiss of the reality that we have a choice (ikhtiyar) to whom we love and honor. Many of the faithful claim to love the Prophet (peace & blessings upon him & his family) and those that surrounded him of his family and companions, Yet how can we claim love if we know little or nothing about who they were? Moreover how did we get here, and how can we change?

5 November 2013

Are You Reaching Your Full Potential?

The word "Tarbiyyah" linguistically means increase, growth, and loftiness. Al Raghib Al-Asbahani explains that the word Tarbiyyah in Arabic means “to cause something to develop from stage to stage until reaching its completion." Are you growing into your full potential?

28 October 2013

No Woman, No Drive....Ever?: Why Time Betrays Conservative Notions

By now you have either seen the youtube parody or heard the news of 60 reported women protest drivers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yesterday..

23 October 2013

Divine Power: Too Big To Fail

Reflecting on Divine Omnipotence should guide us to the reality that only through Divine Grace can we truly change ourselves, our communities, and our destination.

5 June 2013

5 Steps To Get You Ready for Ramadan

Once the smoke of July 4th fireworks and grills wafts away it will probably dawn on you that Ramadan is less than a week away. Anxiety about the long hours of fasting and the heat sets in. Long gone is the winter Ramadans of your youth, where you would come home from school and nap for an hour before you broke your fast with Mama’s homemade basbousa.

5 June 2013

5 Steps To Get You Ready for Ramadan

Once the smoke of July 4th fireworks and grills wafts away it will probably dawn on you that Ramadan is less than a week away. Anxiety about the long hours of fasting and the heat sets in. Long gone is the winter Ramadans of your youth, where you would come home from school and nap for an hour before you broke your fast with Mama’s homemade basbousa.