Ep. 9: Walking Qur'ans of Africa: Scholarship, Liberty & the Abolition of Slavery - Dr. Rudolph Ware

History shapes the present and influences the future, but what if that history was turned on its head? What if we were to learn that African Muslims in the 18th century were pioneers in abolishing slavery and monarchy? Or that the intellectual tradition in West Africa has a chain of authenticity actually more faithful to the practice of early Islam than some of its Middle Eastern counterparts often deemed more authoritative? Or that the flourishing of Islam throughout sub-Saharan Africa was predicated more on the personal piety and pacifism of "walking Qur'ans" than political state power?

In this episode, Dr. Rudolph Ware, professor at the University of Michigan and author of the book, "The Walking Qur'an", discusses a history of Islam and Africa that hasn't been taught in the history books — or our religious communities. These insights revolutionize our concepts of self and play a crucial role in the spiritual and social world-view and approach for those of all backgrounds, in America and beyond.

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