Muslim Superheroes Ep.9: Malik Bin Anas

Imam Malik ibn Anas ‏رضي الله عنه was born in 93 Hijri (711 AD) in Madina and is considered one of the four great Imams of Islam. He was raised in a household of scholarship and dedicated his life to study and teaching.

Imam Malik mastered the science of Hadith at the age of 17 and began to issue Fatwa after 70 scholars of Madina confirmed his eligibility for the purpose. He collected over 100,000 Hadiths written by his hand and compiled them in his famous book; The Muwwata.

Abu Ayyub shares the story of the life of Imam Malik and why he is considered one of the greatest scholars of Islam.

1) Imam Malik was born in Madina, and eventually became the Imam of Madina. His great-grandfather his grandfather and his father before him had all studied under some of the great companions (sahaba) and the (tabayin) of this ummah.

2) He had deep reverence for the Prophet ﷺ and before he would recite Hadith; he would bathe and put on perfume, wear his best clothing and always make sure he was sitting. When he heard a Hadith, his face would change (some companions say his face would turn red from awe) and he would lower his head in respect.

3) He would never ride a horse or riding beast through the streets of Madina due to his reverence for the ground the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ walked on (and the earth that He ﷺ is buried in). He preferred to walk on foot and let his feet touch the sacred soil of Madina.


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