We are living in what psychologists refer to as The Age Of Envy. Social media has created a world in which everyone seems happy and ecstatic – apart from us. We are constantly bombarded by “Photoshopped lives” and that exerts a toll on us the likes of which we have never experienced in the history of our species. In the past, people might have just envied their neighbors, classmates, or co-workers; but now we can compare ourselves with everyone across the world.

In this episode we discuss the spiritual impact of envy on our hearts and outlines some steps we can take to help us deal with the spiritual disease of envy.

Moutasem Atiya, Founding Director of Al-Madina Institute, takes us on a 10-part journey in a brand new weekly series on the diseases of the heart. In these short 5-10 minute episodes, Moutasem cites contemporary examples and modern manifestations of these diseases and gives us advice and how to overcome these dangerous traits.


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