12 January 2015

We Are Imam an-Nawawi: The Attack On Our Principles Beyond Paris

The destruction of the tomb of Imam an-Nawawi is evidence of a greater assault on the sacred, which feeds a pattern of violence throughout the world. The only remedy is in embracing the principles by which he lived.

11 January 2015

We Are All Responsible: Charlie Hebdo and the Defamation of Islam

Removing the confusion of today cannot be simply by trying to weed out who is “qualified” to speak for Islam and who is not. And, it will definitely not be removed through indiscriminate violence against innocents. I believe that the following steps need to be taken.

17 December 2014

Serial and the American Muslim: A Perspective

The podcast Serial has riveted millions of listeners throughout the world. As it now comes to an end, here are some of the broader lessons we can reflect upon as a Muslim community.

17 December 2014

On the Massacre of Children and Other Innocents

Whether that child is a US elementary school student, a villager, or a student in a distant land, is of no matter. There is no distinction in the killing of children. It is always wrong.

4 December 2014

Allowing Our Community to Breathe: Race & Taqwa

The Rodney King and Amadou Diallo cases of the 1990’s at least went to trial. We can’t say that about Michael Brown or Eric Garner. Progress? Their killers are not even getting indicted anymore! Whenever Islam spread it was because their community offered a solution to the land's problems. We are in this situation now. Only knowledge and taqwa will allow our communities to overcome racial divides.

12 November 2014

Preserving Faith During Fitna: The Elevated Path

Muslim apologists, extremists, reformists, centrists—who is on the path of wisdom and guidance? Not only did our beloved Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) deal with immense trials and struggles during his prophetic lifetime, but he foretold of periods of great fitna (tribulation) for the believers in the future. In this short but powerful discussion from Al-Madina's "Trials of the Messengers", Shaykh Yahya Rhodus lays the foundation for Muslims living during times of tribulation, compiling and analyzing traditions specifically advising us on how to respond to the modern landscape by preserving our dignity, maintaining faith, and remaining vigilant against our egotistical desires to associate with those who sow the seeds of division and violence over unity and forbearance.

22 October 2014

Why Do Extremists Define Us?

In another attempt at religious sensationalism, IS is trying to position themselves as the only true practitioners of Islam. Their tactics do have two unfortunately real consequences.

20 October 2014

Our Children: Hope, Fear, & the Future

As I heard the non-Muslim presenter praise Malala, I came to fully appreciate how it affects children to have role models that look like them. I often wonder how things have changed for American Muslim kids who have grown up only knowing a world in which people shouting Allahu Akbar have terrorized and killed people in their country, where they are a religious minority.

17 September 2014

If Scholars Don't Speak Truth to Power, Who Will?

The responsibility upon our scholars to speak Truth to power has never been greater. The silence of a scholar in response to great acts of oppression teaches Muslims to be silent when such events take place.

2 July 2014

“White” and “Black” Are Not the Only Options for Social Integration

As long as there is no agreement on what indigenization of Muslims in America looks like in the end, we will continue to clash as a community on various levels.

16 June 2014

If American Muslims Can Change...

If American Muslims can change their selves, they could change the world. They are often higher educated and earning more than the national average. The American Muslim community is spread in key swing states and can have a tremendous impact on local and national elections.

16 September 2012

What’s Wrong With Us?

Given the current world affairs, I recently walked into a local prayer hall expecting to hear words filled with advice on loving the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) and living the Prophetic example.