20 April 2020

Shelter-in Place Tarawih This Ramadan

Under the current circumstances, the Prophetic advice of “pray in your homes” should give us a bit of comfort that it is good for us to keep our homes alive with the nightly prayers in all months of the year, especially this Ramadan.

18 November 2019

Taking the Prophet as Your Spiritual Guide: Celebrating and Passing into the Prophetic Reality

Indifference to the celebration of the Prophet ﷺ denies the community the opportunity to unite upon his character and spirituality, in the face of so much pressure to move away from him. What are the tried and true methods to bring the Prophet ﷺ into our daily lives?

4 September 2019

Ahl al-Bayt: A Source of Resistance and Rejection of Political Quietism

Whether by teaching the unadulterated sacred law and spiritually based ethics or due to challenging unjust policies, Ahl al-Bayt embodied the merging of scholarship and principled action.

31 July 2019

Sayyidah Nafisah: The Saintly Lady of Egypt

Often underdiscussed among Muslim circles in the West are the righteous and scholarly women among the pious early Muslims. Out of the many other stellar women from early Islamic history worthy of mention, Sayyidah Nafisah (may Allah be pleased with her), already adored by millions of Egypt, was a shining star that should be known by all.

12 May 2019

How Should Rationalists Deal With Dogmatism?: The Case of the Birmingham Quran Pages

The Quran does not bear traces of any significant alteration over time, and the latest studies by Western scholars have made it clear that, barring some new, astounding discovery, the Muslim version of how and when the Quran was written should be accepted

1 May 2019

Bishr bin Harith: A Sinner Turned Saint

The story of Bishr bin Harith teaches us that we should never look at ourselves as lost cause, and seize the opportunity to run to the door of repentance.

11 November 2018

The Most Famous Poem Ever Written: Examining the Burda of Imam al-Busiri

The Burdah of al-Busiri is from among the most famous poems composed in honor of the Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ. In this introduction to a new series of commentaries on the Burda, Iyad Ammar sheds light on the life of Imam al-Busiri.

5 November 2018

The One With Two Coarse Cloths – The Martyr of Tabuk

It is not only the famous Companions who are gifted an elevated status. There were many hidden ones, some whose stories have come to us, and some, undoubtedly, whom we will never know. And, to this day there are people amongst us who are beloved to God but who live in obscurity.

19 September 2018

Two Lessons from the Catastrophe at Karbala

In addition to learning about the merits of al-Husayn, it would benefit us more to learn lessons from his martyrdom in hopes that Allah may grant us greater spiritual insight and moral clarity.

16 September 2018

Al-Hasan: The Lasting Honor of the Family of Muhammad

God’s Messenger (God bless him and give him peace) said: ‘O God, I love him and I love anyone who loves him three times!’”

15 August 2018

More Original Than a Copy: The Reproduction of a Masterpiece

In reproducing artwork, the calligrapher must try to obliterate his or her own stylistic preferences and give way to the essence of the original piece. Nuria Garcia Masip shares her attempt to reproduce a famous work from Abdullah Zuhdi from the Mosque of the Prophet.

13 May 2018

The Effect of Fasting on Sleeping: Tips on Sleeping Well for a Better Ramadan

The disruptive effects of Ramadan on our sleep pattern are well-known. Short-term spiritual adrenaline alone may help mitigate the effects briefly, but typically it is followed by a crash of fatigue, often at the times we want to be increasing our spiritual efforts. Persevering throughout the month requires us to take notice of our body’s needs so it can serve our spiritual needs better. Just as we should pay attention to when and how we consume in the month, we need to do the same with our sleep.