Friends in the Love of the Messenger

I was blessed to be part of an incredible weekend at Pearls of the Qur'an with so many amazing brothers and sisters. I was especially honored to spend time with a group of brothers who have given me so much. Truly, it was the love of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) that united us and afforded me the ability to learn greatly from them. I love Yahya Rhodus for his immense heart, Hassan Saleh for his remarkable humility, Abdul Nasir Jangda for his brotherly love, Yasir Fahmy for his balanced nature, Omar Suleiman for his heartfelt smile, Shaykh Mokhtar for his forbearance, Imam Magid for his generosity, Nouman Ali Khan for his loving sincerity, Dr. Recep Senturk for his mentorship, Khalil Abdur Rashid for his gracefulness, Imam Zaid for his truthfulness, Mohamed Ghilan for his care of our community, Shadee ElMasry for his love of the truth, and Sami Catovic for his friendship. May Allah bless them for all they have taught me. I regard each one of them as my senior and I look forward to their friendship for years to come.

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