Moutasem Atiya

Moutasem Atiya has been actively involved in the Metropolitan DC communities through classes, speaking engagements, and Friday khutbahs on a regular basis for the past 10 years.

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31 January 2024
The Hypocrisy of Ben Shapiro
18 January 2024
The Key to Paradise: La Illah Ila Allah
17 January 2024
South Africa Accuses Israel of Genocide
17 January 2024
The Benefits of Zamzam
17 January 2024
Gazan Mother: You Will Never Erase me!
16 January 2024
When Abu Abu Dharr al-Ghifari saw the Prophet ﷺ for the first time
16 January 2024
The Social Media Blackout on Gaza
15 January 2024
The Blessed City of Madina
7 January 2024
Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Ep. 8): The Life of Abdullah Ibn Masud
14 December 2023
The Poet of Gaza: Refaat Alareer
13 December 2023
Gazans Praying Upon The Messenger
12 December 2023
Men and Expensive Watches
11 December 2023
Amazing Strength of Gazan Girl
8 December 2023
Gazan Boy Numbs Pain Through Quran
22 November 2023
Palestinians: The Most Resilient People
20 November 2023
Responding to Vileness - Moutasem Atiya, Imam Sami Zaharna
19 November 2023
Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Ep. 3): Dreams in the Quran and Sunnah
24 July 2023
Becoming Better Mother-In-Laws
11 July 2023
Advice for Muslim High School Grads
4 July 2023
Sulaiman & the Ant | Stories From the Qur’an with Moutasem Atiya
21 June 2023
A Sultan’s reward for his love of the Prophet ﷺ
30 May 2023
Musa & Khidr | Stories From the Qur’an with Moutasem Atiya
24 May 2023
The Spiritual Growth of Malcolm X
16 May 2023
Being a Parent is Hard


26 June 2023
Musa & Khidr | Stories From the Qur’an with Moutasem Atiya
19 June 2023
Sulaiman & the Ant | Stories From the Qur’an with Moutasem Atiya


19 January 2023

Prophetic Habits For A Better Life

Open YouTube, and their algorithms will greet you with the latest life coach explaining how to hack your body to live life to the fullest while at the same time igniting all sorts of dopamine responses. But what about our spiritual machinery? Are you a body or do you have a body? Surely neglecting what truly makes us human will lead to excess and harm.

13 August 2018

Zuhdi: Artist of the Prophet's Mosque

After the Prophet's Mosque had been damaged, a young calligrapher, Abdullah Zuhdi, was entrusted with adorning the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺwith calligraphic inscriptions. The results of his work were among the finest examples of extolling prayers upon the Messenger.

20 February 2018

How Visiting Imam Shafi Changed My Life

I'll always be indebted to Imam Shafi — may God sanctify his soul — as the visit to him opened my heart to a way to love and remember the Prophet ﷺ.

25 January 2017

The Muslim Messy Truth

On a recent cross-continental flight I sat next to a man who was a supporter of Donald Trump. You can imagine the awkward position we were both in. Racist. Islamophobe. Misogynist. Those were a few of the adjectives that could have crossed my mind, while terrorist, anti-American, ISIS may have been on his. We both had to choose: tolerate each other for a few hours, passing the occasional disingenuous smile with meaningless pleasantries or address the elephant in the room and engage in a real conversation. We chose the latter.

14 December 2016

What We Can Do For Aleppo

Over the past five years many of us have been struggling to make sense of the carnage we see in Syria. In the past two days alone those feelings have been intensified as we witness children, women and men suffer in ways we wouldn't wish upon our worst enemy. Each one of us can help in being a spiritual and material conduit of aide to our brothers and sisters in Syria by doing the following.

9 November 2016

The Morning After

This morning you are in a state of panic and depression, scrolling through the endless cycle of news reports looking for something that will make things better.

Here are three spiritual workouts that will bring peace to your day.

13 September 2016

Keeping Safe In Islamophobic Space

It’s been a rough time for the Muslim community of America. Many Islamic organizations will surely be sending safety guides in the following days advising us to be aware of our surroundings and maybe even suggesting classes in self-defense. That’s great, but let’s not forget we are a faith based community that can tap into a rich spiritual tradition. Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family) taught some great spiritual self-defense techniques that I want to share with you.

17 February 2016

The Story of Ruby Bridges

The story of then six-year old Ruby Bridges should serve as a source of inspiration for all of us. Her life teaches us what it truly means to be courageous in times of hardship.

16 December 2015

Confronting Your Inner Trump

Many of us witnessed the Republican candidates for the presidency bash Muslims for two plus hours last night on the CNN debate. The outlandish comments and racist rhetoric of Trump and his ilk make for an interesting spiritual case study, one that we can all learn from.

16 November 2015

What's the World Coming To?

Everywhere we turn we see a world on fire. Many of us are searching for answers but are having trouble finding them. Though we are unable to control the deranged acts of some, there is something each one ofus can do about the craziness around us.

9 November 2015

The Sounds of Morocco

From the 2012 Al-Madina Institute Spiritual Tour.

30 October 2015

The Day Two Scholars Slapped Me

Imam al-Ghazali and Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah, two of the most gifted Islamic scholars in history, stood before me. I envisioned their encouraging me and thanks, but instead they slapped me across the face.

11 September 2015

Why Did This Companion Think The Prophet Passed Away?

Though our Beauty of Muhammad Web Series (peace be upon him and his family) will start in a few weeks, I wanted to share this amazing story with you. May Allah inspire us all to keep our hearts and tongues in a constant state of prayers upon the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family).

26 May 2015

The Building Blocks of Spiritual Fitness

Embarking on a path of spiritual fitness is a lot like getting physically fit. They are both built on foundational principles, that if followed, will yield results.

7 April 2015

Friends in the Love of the Messenger

I was blessed to be part of an incredible weekend at Pearls of the Qur'an with so many amazing brothers and sisters. I was especially honored to spend time with a group of brothers who have given me so much.

25 February 2015

Time For Our Leaders To Lead

Sister Sherry Khan makes an on-point analysis of what many Muslims are suffering from in silence, namely the fallout of partisan bickering between leaders. As stewards of the Muslim American community we have to take the uncomfortable task of assessing the real impact of our efforts. We live in an age in which external threats greatly outweigh our internal politics. I hope we wake up to this reality.

22 October 2014

Why Do Extremists Define Us?

In another attempt at religious sensationalism, IS is trying to position themselves as the only true practitioners of Islam. Their tactics do have two unfortunately real consequences.

9 October 2014

The Call to the Believers in the Qur'an

Imam Zaid Shakir

7 October 2014

Qasas al-Qur'an: Parables of Inspiration

Imam Mohamed Magid

10 April 2014

Want To Send Me To Hell?

I’m often shocked by how often we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Someone disagrees with us on a religious matter and we are willing to play Russian roulette with our own salvation by labeling them an unbeliever (kafir). This behavior tends to be perpetrated by people who are ignorant and/or fanatical in their commitment to particular dogmatic views. In reality, what constitutes calling someone an unbeliever has a very narrow scope, not nearly as wide as some would like it to be.

28 February 2014

Ibn Abbas and NASA's Discovery of New Worlds

NASA announced this week the discovery of 715 new planets. This discovery, along with modern theoretical physics, may now shed light on a Qur'anic commentary from Ibn Abbas fifteen hundred years ago.

19 February 2014

Ten Muslims You Should Know

Having cofounded Al-Madina Institute, I have come to know many amazing Muslims doing some really wonderful work. Below is a list of ten Muslims from across the globe that deserve to be recognized for their work.

23 January 2014

A Date With Destiny: The Story of Waraqa

Moutasem Atiya on Waraqa ibn Nawfal and the Messenger of Godﷺ, and what we can learn from Waraqa's response to his call.

30 December 2013

The Prophetic Diet: The Perfect New Year’s Resolution

By Moutasem Atiya & Hasan Awan, M.D.

It is probably the most common New Year’s resolution. We have likely made it ourselves, or have heard it from countless friends and family. It goes something like "This year I will lose weight and get fit." The stampede to the gym ensues, and about three weeks later our resolution finds itself buried inside our mashed potatoes at the Cheesecake Factory. A familiar story, we all know. So how do we break the cycle? The answer involves (Read More)

20 December 2013

What Made Aisha Laugh?

Aisha once asked the Prophet Muhammadﷺ to make a dua (supplication) for her. He responded, "Oh God! Forgive Aisha's past and future transgressions, both those which are hidden and those which are apparent!"

21 October 2013

I AM - Worthy Watch

So I have to admit I do have a Netflix account. While sifting through suitable cartoons for the kids to watch, I come across the occasionally intriguing documentary. One recent find was “ I Am” by Tom Shadyac. If his name escapes you, you may know some films he wrote/directed such as : Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty. I Am tackles our obsessive addiction to material wants, and neglect of spiritual realities. Check it, let me know your thoughts.

16 October 2013

Words of Wisdom From Barry Black

The Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) said that wisdom is the lost property of a believer, wherever he/she finds it they have a right to it. I think there is great wisdom in Chaplain Barry Black's comments to the house and senate.

22 August 2013

Keeping Pure In a Game of Thrones World

A young companion once came to the Messenger ﷺ asking for permission to fornicate. The companions present at the time erupted with rage and told him to stop talking.

2 May 2013

A Band of Heroes: Something I Learned From The X-men

I loved the X-Men, A band of diverse mutants with special powers uniting to fight evil. Wolverine was my favorite; he has these super sharp adamantium claws that can retract from the top of his hand, not to mention his super healing ability. Then there was Cyclops, he would shoot plasma rays from his eyes and was married to the telepath Jean Gray. Storm, she could fly and control the weather, beckoning lightning bolts at her whim zapping all bad guys in sight.

8 January 2013

Beware of Zombies. Or Are You One?

We often act on our perceived religiosity by quickly condemning others, as if it somehow comes with the territory. The length of my beard, the perfect placement of my hands in prayer and my impeccable recitation somehow puts me on the higher rank of the spiritual totem pole and I become the judge, jury and executioner of your spiritual life.

1 January 2013

Quick Tips to a Successful Ramadan

Ramadan this year is a spiritual P90x of sorts, taking our bodies and spirits to the limits. Most of us will be fasting sixteen-hour days in sweltering temperatures.

21 December 2012

Jesus and the Holiday Spirit

There was a time in history when Christmas was more than getting thirty percent off the newest flat-screen at BestBuy, or anticipating Macy’s super holiday sale.

11 October 2012

Love Like The Prophet - Quick Steps To a Better Marriage

We often get so swept up in the routine of life that we take our marriages for granted. Thankfully Allah has given us a perfect portrait in the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him and his family) to help break that routine. Here are five practical and powerful lessons from the Messenger to help rekindle our relationships.

16 September 2012

What’s Wrong With Us?

Given the current world affairs, I recently walked into a local prayer hall expecting to hear words filled with advice on loving the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) and living the Prophetic example.

28 January 2012

A Tale of Attempted Seduction - The Story of Zulekha

It was an amazing tale of attempted seduction. Yusuf (peace be upon him) lived for years in the house of Zulekha, a woman of beauty, power and influence. Day in and day out, Zulekha was exposed to his physical allure, a composition so stunning that the Messenger Muhammad [peace be upon him and his family] said "Yusuf has been given half of all beauty"[Muslim].

1 December 2011

A Fragrance of Paradise - The Grandchildren of the Messenger (peace be upon him)

It was the third year after the hijrah, during the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan. God had blessed Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah, with her first son.

18 November 2011

Marriage, Jobs and Moses - A Unique Link

The spiritual masters of the past, knowing that the Qur'an was the solution to all problems, would later encourage their students to often repeat this supplication of Musa when they were in need of a job or a spouse. Today, we find that this supplication is as important now as ever before.