The Morning After

No, you were not dreaming. Last night was not a terrible nightmare — well maybe it kinda was. You feel like someone just punched you in the gut and the wind has been knocked out of you. This morning you are in a state of panic and depression, scrolling through the endless cycle of news reports looking for something that will make things better. Maybe there is a ray of hope, maybe the results can be contested, maybe if we just felt the Bern. I hate to be the one breaking it to you but he that shall not be named is the new President-Elect of the United States of America and it's okay for you to be upset. It's only natural but it's not okay for you to despair.

During the time of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) life was a cycle of ups and downs. Events happened that were in favor of believing hearts, and others that were not. Companions got depressed, became anxious and some lost hope. The Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) navigated his community through those feelings by constantly turning their hearts to rely on God and in turn established a daily spiritual workout routine for them to help keep their hearts anchored in God. The remembrance of God removes worries, it alleviates depression, it gives hope, it wipes out despair, it removes fears.
So instead of continuing the toxic cycle of consuming media reports that will only stress us out more, here are three spiritual workouts that will bring peace to your day:
1. Show Restraint Today and Stop Watching the News
After 9/11 we were all glued to our TVs consuming the endless cycle of despair. It took many of us into a deep state of depression. Fight the urge, don't read every article you see today. Garbage in, garbage out. We need to stop consuming toxic information.
2. Spend Thirty Minutes Reading The Qur'an Today In a Language You Understand
The book of God is the most powerful form of God's remembrance. It brings peace and serenity to the heart. God tells us that He revealed in it a healing for believers. It speaks to our times, it recounts stories of difficulty others faced in the past and how God pulled them through. It will make us feel much better. Start today from the chapter called "The Romans". Interesting story there.
3. Spend Fifteen Minutes Sending Prayers Upon The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
This spiritual act works wonders. The Prophet told us anyone who envelopes themselves with praying upon him, God will remove the worries they have in life. Here is a simple, yet potent formula to use.
O Allah, Exalt and Ennoble Muhammad and the family of Muhammad
Al-Lahumma Şalli `Alá Muĥammadin Wa `Alá 'Āli Muĥammad

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