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19 April 2017

Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife Part 2: The Pedestal & the Pulpit

As students of Islamic knowledge return home to the West, they find themselves having to draw a fine balance between the pedestal and the pulpit; between seeking popularity, with all its spiritual risks, as a means of forwarding their own efforts in dawah, and serving the community in a more traditional capacity, with all the frustrations and indignities those positions commonly hold.

7 April 2017

A Conversation With Abdurrahman Depeler

AbdurRahman Depeler is a young award-winning calligrapher from Konya, Turkey. Inspired by the masters of old, AbdurRahman brings a unique style to his work, making him one of the most sought after calligraphers of our time. He shared his thoughts with Moutasem Atiya in this interview for ImanWire.

15 March 2017

Muslim Women in Leadership: Nana Asma’u, Daughter of the Shehu

The history of Muslim women is a history of action, acumen and resilience. It is a history of intelligence, interest and stamina. It is a history of personal power, community care and global grit. And few exemplify this history like Nana Asma’u of the early nineteenth century.

8 February 2017

Confessions of a Shaikh’s Wife Part 1: What Makes the Man

I never thought that I’d be a shaikh’s wife. Somehow, even though I grew up with a passion for studying Islam, and made sure to marry someone who had that too, I never pictured myself getting married to be known as the ‘wife of Shaikh So and so.’

As I reminisce on the years studying abroad, I can say that some of the women that I met and with whom I had the blessing of sharing time with had something of the spirit, the strength, and the light of our righteous predecessors. These women that we overlook in the masjid, often not even bothering to learn their names, known simply as “Wife of Shaikh X”, or “Imam Saab’s first wife” are some of the warriors in our ranks, who, if they did not sacrifice years of their life to be a source of nourishment for their husband and a pillar by his side, would perhaps be in the forefront of our community in any one of a number of roles. Instead, her journey, her sacrifices, and her struggles are often unknown to anyone except Allah, and that quiet sisterhood of others who have been through the same experience.

2 February 2017

Emotional Intelligence Personified: How Following the Sunnah Can Save Your Marriage

How many couples in our community are struggling and given insufficient advice, told that they will resolve their differences by simply focusing on their spirituality? And how many of them find that while they may see some temporary minor improvements, simply increasing their spiritual practice without giving any direct attention to their communication problems may in fact cause even more distance between them in the long run? If we truly want to see our marriages succeed then we must strive to inculcate Prophetic emotional intelligence in all individuals before they even think about marriage.

11 January 2017

Run Like A Hijabi: An Interview with Rahaf Khatib

An avid runner and marathoner, Rahaf Khatib recently made headlines for being on the cover of Women’s Running magazine in October 2016. As a voice for promoting health and fitness in the community, she is an inspirational figure for both Muslims and those of other faiths. In this interview with Selma Chaudhry and Salam Aref, she discusses the story behind the magazine cover, her love of running, and the challenges she has faced.

7 December 2016

On Silent Stillness

In an age where being busy and constantly on the go is praised, we need to emphasize the importance of staying silently still.

17 November 2016

Muslims and the Problem of Addiction

Our culture of shame and stigmatization of those struggling with problems we consider taboo is immensely harmful. To acknowledge a problem and recognize the human face dealing with it does not equate to its acceptance or normalization. It is a recognition of the human condition and the consequences of having free will. America is experiencing an addiction epidemic, especially with prescription drug abuse. Muslims should be at the forefront of efforts to solve this crisis. But first, we must assess our attitude towards our own.

5 November 2016

Make Someday Today: The Cubs, Baseball, and Your Spiritual Path

More than any other sport in the American consciousness baseball holds arguably the most symbolism to life and spirituality. A long-suffering Cubs fan reflects on the lessons Muslims can take from the historic World Series win of the Chicago Cubs after a drought of 108 years.

18 November 2015


I was never raised to think about me, me, me. But in a world that has become so prevalent with tragedies, in a world where those who claim to be of my faith begin to terrorize for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, I have begun to use “I” more and more. More, because I now feel as if I am being watched. Feel as if whatever I say is being scrutinized, whatever I wear is being judged, whatever I do is being tallied. Of the billions of Muslims in the world, I have begun to focus on I.

30 August 2015

The First 24 Hours: Leaving the Tazkiyah Retreat

I left home at an early age. I remember the others kids around me; they cried the first night. I didn’t. Though calm on the outside, I felt a gaping hole inside me that eventually went away as I adjusted to my new reality. Nearly 30 years later, I felt that way again for the just the second time.

30 August 2015

A Conversation with a Leaf: Seeing God Through His Signs

On my way home, while walking on the usual cobbled path, I stepped down on a grassy plot. I saw a tiny fragment of a leaf lying on my way. I was about to step on it, when it cried, “Stop! Don’t do that.”