Life & Culture

15 October 2013

Spirit & Space: An Empire’s Architect

The greatest architect who lived and that most of the world likely does not know was born in Central Anatolia on or around April 15th, in the year 1489 or 1490. He was born into a Christian family and in the year 1512, he was levied into the devshirme, the tribute youth system enacted by Sultan Selim, and was inducted into the janissary cadet training program of the Ottoman Court. He chose the name Sinan.

2 May 2013

A Band of Heroes: Something I Learned From The X-men

I loved the X-Men, A band of diverse mutants with special powers uniting to fight evil. Wolverine was my favorite; he has these super sharp adamantium claws that can retract from the top of his hand, not to mention his super healing ability. Then there was Cyclops, he would shoot plasma rays from his eyes and was married to the telepath Jean Gray. Storm, she could fly and control the weather, beckoning lightning bolts at her whim zapping all bad guys in sight.

21 December 2012

Jesus and the Holiday Spirit

There was a time in history when Christmas was more than getting thirty percent off the newest flat-screen at BestBuy, or anticipating Macy’s super holiday sale.

18 November 2011

Marriage, Jobs and Moses - A Unique Link

The spiritual masters of the past, knowing that the Qur'an was the solution to all problems, would later encourage their students to often repeat this supplication of Musa when they were in need of a job or a spouse. Today, we find that this supplication is as important now as ever before.