Foundations Program

Foundations is an online Islamic curriculum of study, practice and fellowship, designed by Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui. This online, interactive, course is taught by Shaykh Mokhtar and Shaykh Riad Saloojee. The curriculum is comprised of three components: Islamic knowledge, character refinement and fellowship.

Arabic Online: Summer Intensive

Arabic Online: Summer Intensive was built to provide an accessible way for students to learn the Arabic language via dynamic interactive lessons. The program brings live in-class instruction with some of the top Arabic teachers in the world. You will be able to study Arabic directly in the comfort of your home.

Arabic Online Kids: Summer Intensive

Arabic Online Kids brings all the great teaching resources of our adult Arabic Online program to a children's friendly format. Built for children ages six to sixteen, the program provides an enriching interactive language experience with some of the top Arabic teachers of our age.

Al-Madina Studios

Al-Madina Studios serves as a film studio, digital marketing firm, and multi-media production agency. Our Award-winning crew is responsible for producing films, videos, photography, design, and motion graphics. The studio manages the branding, marketing, and social media engagement for Al-Madina's programs and initiatives.

Al-Madina Live™

Al-Madina LIVE™ is the online broadcast channel of Al-Madina. Al-Madina LIVE™ draws together a variety of scholars, thought leaders, and dynamic individuals to discuss topics meaningful to our everyday spiritual lives. Register to join the Al-Madina LIVE™ community and get notified about future Al-Madina LIVE™ broadcasts.

ImanWire Podcast

ImanWire is an online multimedia platform focusing on articulating spirituality in modern times, highlighting a diverse group of American Muslim voices. Join our hosts Moutasem Atiya, Mohammed Saleem, and Ghuydar Bashmaf. Start listening now to our latest podcast episodes.


14 June 2021
June 14th, 2021 - Weekly Update

This week we share 10 tips for students learning sacred knowledge. Shaykh Yasir also discusses the importance of finding ourselves in the houses of Allah despite some of the challenges we may experience.

13 June 2021
On The Passing Of Shaykh Taha Karaan

Those who were graced to sit and learn at the feet of Shaykh Taha Karaan soon realized: Our teachers are indeed Allah’s greatest means to call us to true life.

9 June 2021
Don't Disconnect From God - Shaykh Mokhtar

Shaykh Mokhtar discusses how our relationship with our Creator is special and unique. We each have an amazing opportunity to connect with Him through sincere supplications. Turning to Allah with our full attention brings a sense of peace and joy to the human heart that we can all taste.

7 June 2021
June 7th, 2021 - Weekly Update

This week, we share the story of a sinner turned saint. Bishr bin Harith teaches us that we should never look at ourselves as a lost cause, and seize the opportunity to run to the door of repentance.

6 June 2021
New Podcast with Yahya Rhodus on Building Family Dhikr Routine

Shaykh Yahya Rhodus discusses building a routine of remembrance of God in our busy lives, finding presence in prayer, and shares a daily regimen of dhikr for the family.

31 May 2021
May 31st, 2021 - Weekly Update

There is a Hadith regarding what it means to pray in Bayt al-Maqdis, narrated by Abu Darda. For more details, click to see this week's updates.