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ImanWire is an online multimedia platform focusing on articulating spirituality in modern times, highlighting a diverse group of American Muslim voices. Join our hosts Moutasem Atiya, Mohammed Saleem, and Ghuydar Bashmaf. Start listening now to our latest podcast episodes.

Ep. 72: Finding Gratitude in Witnessing Trauma

What can we learn about ourselves from the daily flood of images of horror in Gaza? In this episode, we reflect on thankfulness and the heartwork that is required for us to positively impact the current global crisis.

5 February 2018
Ep. 25: Gender Interaction After #MeToo - Zaynab Mansour Ansari

Ustadha Zaynab Mansour Ansari from Tayseer Seminary returns to the podcast and shares her thoughts on gender relations in the wake of both the fallout from #MeToo and recent events of spiritual abuse.

18 January 2018
Ep. 24: Losing Our Religion: Perspectives on Feminism & the Teen Spirituality Crisis - Ieasha Prime

Ustadha Ieasha Prime, executive director of Barakah, Inc., joins the podcast to discuss a wide array of topics.

18 December 2017
Ep. 23: Spiritually Addressing Anti-Black Racism - Dawud Walid

Racism still is neglected among Muslims, and even when it is addressed, it often fails to discuss the roots of anti-blackness or provide solutions grounded in a spiritual approach.

16 November 2017
Ep. 22: Rethinking Edutainment - Mohamed Ghilan

As recent events have shown, Islamic edutainment has failed in many respects to engender an Islamic ethos within the average Muslim.

24 October 2017
Ep. 21: Remosqued - Yasir Fahmy

Shaykh Yasir Fahmy joins the podcast to discuss his journey from a Catholic prep school, to a career in venture capital, to studying sacred knowledge at Al-Azhar.

16 October 2017
Ep. 20: Texts & Cultural Context - Dr. Jonathan Brown

How can we reconcile centuries-old texts and rulings of classical scholars with our current context? In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Brown, author of "Misquoting Muhammad", shares his insights on being faithful to tradition and mindful of the cultural and social realities of the present day.

20 September 2017
Ep. 19: Believers in Academic Spaces (Part 2): Insiders Vs. Outsiders - Dr. Elliott Bazzano

What role does our religious identity play in how we conduct ourselves and how we are perceived in modern academia?

23 August 2017
Ep. 18: In the Footsteps of Hajar: Black Muslim Women Pioneers - Dr. Jamillah Karim

Despite facing the challenges of being marginalized at the crossroads of their race, gender and faith, Black women have been pioneers in the Muslim community in America.

31 July 2017
Ep. 17: Believers In Academic Spaces (Part 1) - Ebadur Rahman & Rashid Dar

Pursuing higher education in academia can be a rewarding experience, but it can be challenging for some Muslims.

19 July 2017
Ep. 16: Spiritual Artists, Social Media & Third Spaces - Mustafa Davis

In this wide-ranging conversation, acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and media consultant Mustafa Davis joins the podcast to discuss the arts, the marketing of Muslim organizations, his own cautionary tale in social media and the third space movement.

29 June 2017
Ep. 15: Socially Responsible Islamic Finance - Umar Moghul

What exactly is Islamic finance and what are its goals? Umar Moghul, a corporate and finance lawyer and author of the book "A Socially Responsible Islamic Finance: Character and the Common Good" joins us to discuss

27 May 2017
Ep. 14: Recharging For Ramadan

On the first night of Ramadan, we discuss its spiritual dimensions, give practical advice on how to refine ourselves in the month, and share some of our own Ramadan life hacks. We also feature a special message from Shaykh Mohsen Al'Najjar given on the eve of the blessed month.