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ImanWire is an online multimedia platform focusing on articulating spirituality in modern times, highlighting a diverse group of American Muslim voices. Join our hosts Moutasem Atiya, Mohammed Saleem, and Ghuydar Bashmaf. Start listening now to our latest podcast episodes.

Ep. 76: Beards, European Hats & Coffee: Being Muslim or Imitating Others?

Dr. Youshaa Patel, author of the book, “The Muslim Difference: Defining the Line between Believers and Unbelievers from Early Islam to the Present”, joins the podcast to explore the many different layers of tashabbuh, weaving through scholarly commentaries, psychology, history, style and culture.

19 July 2017
Ep. 16: Spiritual Artists, Social Media & Third Spaces - Mustafa Davis

In this wide-ranging conversation, acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and media consultant Mustafa Davis joins the podcast to discuss the arts, the marketing of Muslim organizations, his own cautionary tale in social media and the third space movement.

29 June 2017
Ep. 15: Socially Responsible Islamic Finance - Umar Moghul

What exactly is Islamic finance and what are its goals? Umar Moghul, a corporate and finance lawyer and author of the book "A Socially Responsible Islamic Finance: Character and the Common Good" joins us to discuss

27 May 2017
Ep. 14: Recharging For Ramadan

On the first night of Ramadan, we discuss its spiritual dimensions, give practical advice on how to refine ourselves in the month, and share some of our own Ramadan life hacks. We also feature a special message from Shaykh Mohsen Al'Najjar given on the eve of the blessed month.

24 April 2017
Ep. 13: Muslim Masculinity: Challenging the Alt-Bro - Muhammad Mendes

Faced with the challenges of liberalism and a changing social milieu, Muslims fear the erosion of Islamic principles and traditions.

4 April 2017
Ep. 12: Don't Be A Victim - Anse Tamara Gray & Zaynab Ansari

Anti-Muslim racism can take a toll, especially among youth and others in the community who may feel the most targeted. To feel like a victim constantly under attack, however, poses significant dangers to our spiritual well-being.

19 March 2017
Ep. 11: Scholars & Activists: Bridging the Gap - Dawud Walid & Tariq Touré

In this episode, Dawud Walid and Tariq Touré join host Mohammed Saleem to examine the scholar-activist relationship from different angles, including generational and social dynamics at play, the role of Islamic spirituality and creed, relevancy in scholarship, and navigating through the influence of liberalism in activist circles.

26 February 2017
Ep. 10: Empowering Women's Voices & Scholarship - Anse Tamara Gray & Zaynab Ansari

In part 1 of their conversation, Shaykha Tamara Gray of Rabata and Ustadha Zaynab Ansari of Tayseer Seminary discuss the future of female scholarship, facing misogyny in the community, and how to facilitate more open platforms for feminine voices in the teaching of sacred knowledge

12 February 2017
Ep. 9: Walking Qur'ans of Africa: Scholarship, Liberty & the Abolition of Slavery - Dr. Rudolph Ware

In this episode, Dr. Rudolph Ware, professor at the University of Michigan and author of the book, "The Walking Qur'an", discusses a history of Islam and Africa that hasn't been taught in the history books — or our religious communities.

31 January 2017
Ep. 8: Chronicling the American Muslim Narrative: Zaki Hasan & Parvez Ahmed

Zaki Hasan and Parvez Ahmed, the hosts of Diffused Congruence: The American Muslim Experience, have interviewed a wide range of Muslims, from scholars to artists, casting light on their life stories. Their work has become a recognized resource highlighting both the diversity of American Muslims' experiences and the common threads that bring them together. The two shared their own story on the ImanWire podcast, with selected excerpts provided below. The full extended conversation, covering a variety of topics, from which guest surprised them the most to how even Batman and Ben Affleck connect with the American Muslim experience, is available on the ImanWire podcast.

16 January 2017
Ep. 7: Principled Engagement: The Challenge Facing Muslim Leaders - Ahmed Shaikh & Mohamed Ghilan

As Muslim leaders and activists engage both the government and their own organizations, a number of ethical questions arise. Does partnering with government entities lend itself to conflicts of interest and inauthenticity? Do programs like CVE impose a frame on the Muslim community that takes away its own agency and agenda? Are activist-driven circles and initiatives any less immune to these risks? Muslim leaders and activists from all sides of the spectrum are challenged to keep themselves anchored in Islamic principles while navigating the complex socio-political realities of our time. In this episode, Ahmed Shaikh, a community leader and lawyer, and Mohamed Ghilan discuss these and other issues and offer their suggestions on preserving our integrity as external actors and internal egos battle for influence in the Muslim community.

9 January 2017
Ep. 6: Losing the Love Handles: Combining Physical & Spiritual Fitness

We might appreciate the benefits of physical fitness, but are there spiritual benefits to exercise as well? In this episode, we discuss not only how to find time and implement a successful exercise program but how exercise can teach us invaluable lessons critical to being spiritually healthy.Exploring the strong connections between physical and spiritual fitness, Moutasem Atiya, Mohammed Saleem & special guest Dr. Saleem Farooqui, a physician and competitive cyclist, reflect on how exercise can enhance our own spiritual path to God.

27 December 2016
Ep. 5: What Is Muslim Cool? Thoughts on Race Relations - Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer & Moutasem Atiya

In the wake of the recent controversy at the RIS convention, Dr. Su'ad Abdul Khabeer, a professor of anthropology and African American studies and author of "Muslim Cool: Race, Religion and Hip Hop in the United States", and Moutasem Atiya from Al-Madina Institute discuss the issues at hand, anti-Blackness in the community, and how we can move forward positively.

In the second part of the episode, our guests discuss the path American Muslim culture is taking and explore "Muslim Cool", a culture rooted in embracing Blackness and social justice that connects both Black and non-Black Muslims to Islam in America.