4 March 2019

The Suhba Fellowship Program introduces a two month Qur’an Intensive whereby teenagers learn how to read and connect to the Qur'an. This video highlights the benefits of the program.

31 January 2019
Learning Together as a Family

Imagine giving your family the opportunity to spend nine months of their lives learning the Quran and studying Arabic all in the envelope of Spiritual Mentorship. The Al-Madina Institute Children Suhba Program - Istanbul, Turkey - was designed for families looking to do just that.

2 April 2018
Family Life In The Suhba Fellowship Program

Naeem Saloojee moved to Turkey from Canada with his wife and four children to take part in the Suhba Fellowship Program. In this video he describes their experience in taking on this adventure.

22 March 2018
What The Suhba Fellowship is all About

Moutasem Atiya describes the driving force behind starting the Suhba Fellowship and some experiences that have impacted him in the process.

3 March 2018
Arabic: 3 Months In

Meet Muhammad Davis, another remarkable individual who embarked upon the Suhba Fellowship Journey.

1 March 2018
Arabic: Life and Tradition

Having to deal with a diverse student base with varying levels of Arabic proficiency, Dr. Ahmad Snobar describes his unique methodology in constructing the Suhba Fellowship Arabic Program.

21 February 2018
Spirit of the Suhba Fellowship Program

In 2017 a group of one hundred people from ten different countries moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to join the Suhba Fellowship program with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui. In this video Shaykh Mokhtar narrates the essence what the Suhba Fellowship in Istanbul is all about.