26 October 2021
Ep 8: Ego - Shaykh Yasir Fahmy

Am I denying having an ego? Am I the reason why the light of Allah is not shining on me? In my home and in my work? Am I denying being self-centered?

Join Shaykh Yasir Fahmy in discussing the ego.

18 October 2021
Ep 7: The Beauty Of Architecture - Prof. Ozayr Saloojee

Have modern architects abandoned spiritual expression and replaced it with functional/material innovation? Is the recent urban development around Mecca terrifying? Join Professor Ozayr Saloojee in a conversation about the beauty of architecture.

12 October 2021
Ep 6: Chasing Spiritual Highs - Dr. Mohamed Ghilan

Is it necessary to attain a feeling of spiritual elation? Are people chasing after this feeling of chemicals in their brain? What really is spirituality and transformation?

5 October 2021
Ep.5: Modern Education - Dr. Recep Senturk

Does modern education make students into atheists? How does modern education alienate students from society, family and nature? Do Muslims suffer the same problem when establishing schools out of their naivete? Dr. Recep Senturk, President of Ibn Khaldun University in Istanbul discusses today's approach to education.

24 September 2020
Ep.4: Questioning Faith - Shaykh Riad Saloojee

Can we question faith? Are we supposed to just accept it and be silent? How can we ask with questions with Akhlaq and Haya? Imagine being able to listen in on a conversation regarding the essence of faith between an Angel and Messenger of God.

24 September 2020
Ep.3: Qur'an & Community - Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

What's my relationship with the Qur'an? Do I even have a relationship with the Qur'an? In this upcoming video release Moutasem Atiya and Yahya Rhodus discuss those very questions.

24 September 2020
Ep.2: The Moral Choice - Shaykh Hassan Lachheb

Have Muslims lost their moral footing? Why must I stand out when all I want to do is fit in? Moutasem Atiya sits down with Shaykh Hassan Lachheb in this candid interview.

24 September 2020
Ep.1: Sacred Activism - Imam Dawud Walid

The first part in our Conversations series features Moutasem Atiya and Dawud Walid discussing the ideas of being woke, sacred activism and the marginalization of scholarship.