10 November 2020
How's Your Arabic?

Take a stroll with Moutasem Atiya as he catches Suhba Fellowship students off guard and starts testing their Arabic skills. Students from all across the world came together for a one year fellowship under the spiritual guidance of Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui to deep their connection with Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him), while also studying the Arabic language.

10 November 2020
How It All Began: The Al-Madina Institute Story

It's been more than a decade since we first started meeting in our family homes in Baltimore, Maryland. There was no organization, no brand, just a few young families gathering for the remembrance of God and the pursuit of knowledge. We invited a few learned men and women to teach us and after a short time the local community wanted to participate and asked us to bring our lessons to the local mosques.

24 September 2020
Why I Needed a Spiritual Mentor

In this video Shaykh Riad Saloojee describes his experiences having a Spiritual Mentor and the real life challenges met in trying to merge spirituality into everyday life.

30 September 2019
Suhba Kids Graduation

In the spring of 2019 the families of the Suhba Fellowship Program celebrated the achievements of their children at their end of year graduation.

23 September 2019
When Does Your Journey Begin?

The greatest investment we can ever make is in own spiritual and intellectual growth, taking the time to challenge ourselves and push through the boundaries of our perceived limitations.

20 June 2019
Bonds Of Brotherhood

First year Suhba Fellowship Program alumni reunite in Istanbul, Turkey one year after graduation to discuss their experiences.

19 June 2019
Celebrating Together

The Al-Madina Suhba Fellowship celebrated the Eid together in a special way. Here in an inside peak into their festivities.

21 May 2019
Breaking Bread

Ramadan affords us special moments to come together in our spiritual pursuit of God while forging bonds with each other. Here is how a community of families took advantage of Ramadan to Break Bread together.

25 April 2019
Making The Mundane Special

Every moment of our lives can be one in which we are drawing closer to our Creator. Here is a special way to solidify a bond with God like no other.

15 April 2019
Spiritual Art In Action

The young students travel to see the Nurullah Ozdem and his great calligraphy. Afterwards the families travel to join a spiritual gathering with Muhammad Al-Muslimani and other reciters.

9 March 2019

In 2018 Al-Madina Institute launched the Suhba Fellowship Program, a nine-month Islamic and Arabic studies course under the guidance of Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui. This video shows the remarkable transformation in Arabic language skills after one year of study.

4 March 2019
Suhba Kids

The Suhba Kids program focuses on giving children the spiritual building blocks they need in life. This video highlights our approach.