11 February 2021
The American Master

Learn the story of Muhammad Zakariya, an American master in Arabic calligraphy whose mastery is not only defined by his years of art work, but his humility under his teacher Hasan Çelebi.

13 December 2020
The Special Place

A young child learns to deal with being bullied by older classmates by allowing his mind to wander into a fantasy world. To cope with his trauma, he transports himself to “The Special Place” only to realize that his comfort is short-lived, and he must once again enter the harsh realities of the real world.

11 December 2020
On The Ropes

Would you leave behind what you love most for the sake of Allah? On The Ropes tells the story of Abdullah Davis - a young kickboxer - who leaves behind his passion in pursuit of a greater future.

24 November 2020
Forever Night

The Story of Ahmet Sarikaya:
Forever Night tells the inspiring story of Ahmet Sarikaya who overcame all odds to achieve a level of mastery that very few attain. Ahmed is ‏a renown Qur'an reciter in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a unique story and unique ability that set him apart from the rest.

9 November 2020
The Last Bookbinder

Osman Doruk is one of the last remaining traditional Ottoman book binders in Istanbul. Osman treats us to a behind the scenes look at his ancient craft and his plan to keep this tradition alive.

5 November 2020
The Man with No Fridge

In a world pushing us to consume, one man decides to live without a fridge.

1 November 2020
Hobe: From the Township to the Metropolis

‘Hobe’ tells the story of Muhammad Hobe, one of the first Africans to receive the Ijaza (license) in the sacred art of calligraphy from world renowned master calligrapher Hasan Çelebi.

10 August 2020
The Key Maker

Muhammad Jabber is a 77 year old locksmith living in Istanbul, Turkey. Originally from Madina, he moved to Istanbul as a young boy with his family. Muhammad has been in Istanbul for 62 years and is now one of the last remaining traditional key makers in Turkey.

He spends his days making keys and going to the mosque for daily prayers.

18 May 2020
From Darkness to Light

We each have varying life experiences that shape our personal stories. This is the story of Jacob Melamed who shares with us how a mistake in his youth led him to the greatest of all discoveries.

2 March 2018
Finding Family

Dawud Salehi left his hometown of Los Angeles, California to join the Suhba Fellowship Program taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.