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Hajj at Home: Kindling the Spirit of Arafah

Even if we are not on Hajj this year, our situation is no different. We navigate through the complexities of our daily life, immersed in the never-ending responsibilities of work and family, inundated with the intrusions of technology and social media into every minute of our lives, moving from place to place and idea to idea.

23 April 2018

Studying Arabic at the Al-Madina Suhba Program

We are studying this language, selected by Allaah to be the means of communication of His final message, together as a family. We get to go home and practice together. We get to share insights from what we’ve learned and we get to do this with people and families from across the world that are all dedicated to internal change and emulation of the prophetic legacy in action and in speech.

2 April 2018

Al-Mahdi and the End of Times as Explained by Uthman dan Fodio

The inevitability of the end of times, just like death, should not be a source of grief for Muslims. As we should know the signs of the coming of Imam al-Mahdi, it is also important for us to strive to be those of faith and justice so that if we live to see his appearance, he will recognize us to be among his followers.

26 March 2018

Blind Faith in Intellectual Circles

The question is not whether God exists. The real question to ask is whether our worship will be directed towards God or towards idols of our own making.

21 March 2018

Why We Should Support Muslim Fiction

Imagine growing up in a society where, throughout your childhood, the people you found most interesting, exciting, down-to-earth, and real (even if fictional), were almost never Muslim. When young people observe that there is no room for someone like them in the stories they love best, they begin to disassociate themselves from that marginalized identity.

20 March 2018

When Hope Is Gone

The patience to bear difficulty is directly linked to maintaining an optimistic sense of hope for the future. But, what happens in those moments when we feel that hope is gone?

12 March 2018

The Lost Art of Sisterhood

There is a different sort of love between people, that is often eclipsed by our talk and focus on romance. This is a quieter love, less exhilarating, but perhaps one of the best ingredients for a healthy and sound life — that is, love of one’s sister or brother in faith — the love between good friends, righteous companions, and those with whom we share this journey towards God. This is a meaningful and powerful relationship, the proof of which can be seen in how often it was talked about by our beloved Prophet ﷺ and his own deep and beautiful relationship with his companions.

26 February 2018

Reflections On Visiting Ghana

Muslims in America need to visit West Africa. The roots of Islam in America come from those who were walked in the hot sun in chains over Benin, the Ivory Coast and Togo to Elmina Slave Castle and brought to America. My trip to Ghana coincided with Black History Month, carrying extra meaning for myself, considering the struggle that African Americans continue to endure in reclaiming our heritage, a heritage that was robbed from us.

20 February 2018

How Visiting Imam Shafi Changed My Life

I'll always be indebted to Imam Shafi — may God sanctify his soul — as the visit to him opened my heart to a way to love and remember the Prophet ﷺ.

14 February 2018

Masculine, Feminine, and a Cycle of Oppression

What does it mean to champion women’s rights and identify oneself as a feminist? Though it appears simple and easy to answer, this question is anything but that. This is especially so for a practicing believer.

25 January 2018

Restoring Proper Meanings Back to Words and Discourses

We reside in a time in which meanings are losing value. There are terms within movements that can cause us confusion about our deen and even how we see ourselves.

10 January 2018

The 40 American Hadith: Allah’s Mercy is Pervasive Even In the Darkest Hour

Many Prophetic statements paint an undoubtedly unpleasant picture of the future. But is this something that should be revelled in? Or is it perhaps instead a twisted way of abdicating ourselves out of the responsibility and challenge of carving out a dignified existence even in the midst of hardship?

3 January 2018

Hudūr: Increasing Presence in an Age of Distraction

With the new year, my resolution is simple — be present. Whether at work, with my spouse and kids, or most importantly, with God and His Messenger ﷺ, I intend to focus on being present. Here are a few ideas for the new year to increase our presence.