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Hajj at Home: Kindling the Spirit of Arafah

Even if we are not on Hajj this year, our situation is no different. We navigate through the complexities of our daily life, immersed in the never-ending responsibilities of work and family, inundated with the intrusions of technology and social media into every minute of our lives, moving from place to place and idea to idea.

19 September 2019

10 Points of Counsel for Students of Sacred Learning

There will obviously be obstacles and challenges, that come on the path of sacred learning. In whatever institution or program we are enrolled in, or teacher we are studying with, we may find flaws or problems. To help overcome them, here are 10 points of counsel for students who pursue sacred learning.

4 September 2019

Ahl al-Bayt: A Source of Resistance and Rejection of Political Quietism

Whether by teaching the unadulterated sacred law and spiritually based ethics or due to challenging unjust policies, Ahl al-Bayt embodied the merging of scholarship and principled action.

31 July 2019

Sayyidah Nafisah: The Saintly Lady of Egypt

Often underdiscussed among Muslim circles in the West are the righteous and scholarly women among the pious early Muslims. Out of the many other stellar women from early Islamic history worthy of mention, Sayyidah Nafisah (may Allah be pleased with her), already adored by millions of Egypt, was a shining star that should be known by all.

4 June 2019

Eid Al-Fitr: A Grateful Parting of Such Sweet Sorrow

The joy of breaking of the daily fast (iftar) is aligned to the joy of breaking and parting with the fasting month of Ramadan through the Eid (Al-Fitr). This joy is found to be the very peace of our inherent, God-given nature (fitra).

12 May 2019

How Should Rationalists Deal With Dogmatism?: The Case of the Birmingham Quran Pages

The Quran does not bear traces of any significant alteration over time, and the latest studies by Western scholars have made it clear that, barring some new, astounding discovery, the Muslim version of how and when the Quran was written should be accepted

1 May 2019

Bishr bin Harith: A Sinner Turned Saint

The story of Bishr bin Harith teaches us that we should never look at ourselves as lost cause, and seize the opportunity to run to the door of repentance.

15 April 2019

In the Shade of the Fig Tree

While we may long for an opportunity to purify the soul through a removal of the self from its current existence, in reality we are given the opportunity for purification of the heart over and over again throughout our daily life.

27 March 2019

Why We Must Recapture Scholarly Discourse from Extreme Bloggers

One cannot deny the move towards rhetoric and practice in the Western Muslim community that is more liberal, reformist, and progressive, but the extreme position some have taken in response to it is not only harmful, ineffective, and unwise, but decidedly un-Islamic.

21 March 2019

Living and Dying on a Prayer: How Jumu’ah Orients Us to the Next Life

In the wake of last Friday’s tragedy in New Zealand, we may find ourselves consumed by the images and the reporting, which then gives way to fears of future copycat attacks or reprisals. It is in such moments that each of us should look deeply at the significance of Jumu'ah and our central rites and traditions, as a way to connect us to the enduring reality of God.

11 March 2019

Goodnight Tales for Little Muslims: Chester and the Stomper

Goodnight Tales for Little Muslims is a collection of ridiculously interesting and thankfully short bedtime stories with spirit, soul and Islamic lessons for little ones.

22 February 2019

Spiritual Commentary on the Burdah: Part 6 - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

The aspirant realizes that he cannot tame his nafs by himself. We must tame the horse of our nafs/self by holding onto its reins.

14 February 2019

My Spiritual Visit to Ahl al-Bayt in Morocco

To embody our tradition we need to connect to those before us who transmitted and embodied the sacred law and spiritual refinement.