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Angels in Gaza

Moutasem Atiya and Yasir Fahmy discuss angels in Gaza and what’s weighing on their hearts.

1 December 2022
Empty Yourself Oh Child of Adam - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui shares this address of the Divine to all the children of Adam. He goes word by word to explain what it means to "empty one's self."

24 November 2022
Episode 6 - Omar Series

"Bilal ibn Rabah gains freedom and embraces Islam."

24 November 2022
Surah Ar-Rahman - Mohamed Muslimani

Qari Mohamed Muslimani beautifully recites the first few verses of Surah Ar-Rahman.

24 November 2022
Man Is Created To Be Free - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

What is the ultimate freedom? Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui describes how man is created to strive to be free and what it means for our qalb (heart) to be liberated from our nafs that veils us from the infinite source of life and happiness.

17 November 2022
Episode 5 - Omar Series

"Persecution of Muslims by the Meccans"

10 November 2022
Successors - Moutasem Atiya

What does it mean to be a (khalifa) successor of Allah? Moutasem Atiya speaks about Allah''s (SWT) names and attributes and how we as human beings can walk the path of successors as we take on his names.

10 November 2022
The Sacrifice of Ismail Or Ishaaq? - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

Who was sacrificed among the two sons of Ibrahim (AS)? Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui shares the wisdom of why the name is not mentioned specifically in the Qur'an and what is mentioned instead.

7 November 2022
Episode 4 - Omar Series

"Family Affairs, Torture and Boycott Muslims"

4 November 2022
Breaking Your Heart For Allah - Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui

What happens when a heart breaks? Shaykh Mokhtar talks about how the vessel of the heart is emptied and is given the chance to be remade, filled only with the Divine.

26 October 2022
Episode 3 - Omar Series

"Muhammad's (SAW) message, Abu Lahab gets condemned in Surah Lahab"

26 October 2022
His ﷺ Brothers - Moutasem Atiya

The Prophet ﷺ says to his companions that he misses his brothers. His companions ask him aren't they his brothers? Sidi Moutasem shares with us the Prophet's ﷺ response and his longing for his nation to come.

25 October 2022
Episode 2 - Omar Series

"Islam Begins"